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j7proxy help


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hello, i am heaving some problems with this program.

this is a proxy wich connects people into sa-mp server to avoid ban, but i have some problems..when i connect to a server it says "the server didn't respond retrieing.."


this is my setting:



Nickname = Navar // nickname in game

Proxy_server = // IP of the Proxy

Proxy_port = 9100 // Port of the Proxy

Target_SAMPServer_port = 8800 // Port of the game server where i want to connect


why is not working? maybe the settings is wrong? if anywone knows i would apreciate the help thanks


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When POSTING PICTURES try to select 640x480 or smaller for message boards and forums. so as to not stretch the forum and waste bandwidth. Or use a link.


Helping a Cheater get past a Ban isn't exactly something that's done on this forum.

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You're probably banned for a reason,

the proxy is telling to that you're no longer welcome.


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