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Recommended Posts

I'll fix...


in next release:


+Fixed WDR material bug

+Fixed invalid WPL object names export

+Added streamX/strbigX WPL index selection

+Fixed LOD manager wrong section order bug

+Added multiselection support in LOD manager


Edited by 3Doomer
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NICE! thank you!


edit- oops, forgot the cookie cookie.gif edit- oops, no cookies lol


user posted image user posted image

Edited by TheChopShop
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I've been on 024 as per your recommendation 3 months ago.. which workd fine before (14-4), why doesn't it now? suicidal.gif constantly jumping thru all these hoops and fundamental changes is really getting tiresome


I know your in the development stages and that's par for the course.. so just ignore the times I act like I want to SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY f*ckING LUNGS AND SMASH MY PC TO sh*t BECAUSE OF IT!!! lol


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I've fixed some IDE/WPL import/export troubles in new release today...nothing else yet.

There'll be IDE MLO(interior) section export later




12.05.2011 21:55 UTC:

+Fixed IDE/WPL hierarchy errors

+Added MLO IDE section export

+Export optimization

+WDR Shaders're importing now



Edited by 3Doomer
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when do you put export. odr feasible?? there will be an openFORMATS(.exe) or to convert it into .wdr in .odr then odr in .wdr?

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18.05.2011 7:22 UTC:

+Fixed progress bar lag

+Added openFormats ODR/ODD shader import

+"GTA IV mesh" material's upgraded

+Added MLO properties editor






19.05.2011 1:54 UTC:

+File operations speed up

+Added ODR/ODD texture searcher

+Added shader blend support


Edited by 3Doomer
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When the export ODR is finish , Wpl inport this objet placing automatically ?


and you change the hierarchy of export of OBN:









Model 1 ... ..............................................................Model 2


It exports the models 1 and 2 "modelcol.obn"







I ____________________


Model 1...................... Model 2


It will export in the Model1 "model1.obn"

and Model 2 "model2.obn"

Edited by terreur69
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Download link is broken. And is there something new? smile.gif btw, the hand looks a bit low quality compared to the body. Why is that?

Edited by hristobg
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3Doomer, there is a bug in the Path exporter.


It puts


#This's a GIMS generated file


at the top, but because of that the whole path file will be ignored by the game.

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