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Recommended Posts

Script's fully compatible with 3D MAX 2012.
Other versions after 9 SP 1 should work too, but they won't be supported by me.

Script needs OpenIV 1.0(or newer version) for openFormats<>Game_Resource conversion(ODR<>WDR, OBN<>WBN, etc... ).
Further information about openFormats's on the OpenIV website, or HERE.


QUOTE + IDE import/export
+ WPL import/export
+ Paths import/export
+ Water/Shorelines import/export
+ ODR/ODD import/export
+ OBN/OBD import/export

Script's starting from the "Utilities" tab.





Game collisions map

Edited by 3Doomer
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GIMS won't support any other model resources than WDR, only openFormats.

WDR export also won't support any new shaders, because I can't understand the resources structure well, and Shadow's DLL don't support them

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good to see GIMS get it's own thread


14.04.2011 0:22 UTC: after flippn all the materials into GTA4Mesh, and double checking that each poly material ID for each part ran in correct succession, there's still a lot not showing..

the tower, tower base and cables are finally visible.. but none of the tarmac, walls, bridge or any other parts are.. so am I correct in assuming that the wpl export is still a bit buggd?


user posted image user posted image


or are there any significant updates in 15:4 that would cure this?

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Models with all features support'll be realized through the openFormats(see OpenIV thread)




17.04.2011 17:45 UTC:

+WDR export fix

+WPL importer upgraded to import WDR models



Edited by 3Doomer
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This sounds brilliant, any plans on the IV skeleton system in the future? Allowing custom ped's and player models?

yeah! that would nice if he planned..

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try to export models with only one texture and all poly material IDs set to 1

mercie_blink.gif doesn't that defeat the purpose? (tower base shows and it has 3 materials assigned (1 sub/multi))


guess I'll try again with 17-4 tho - btw, OFs saved wdr's crash Zm on import bored.gif

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May be, it's Shadow's DLL error, or your mistake...why can't?




I've fixed smoothing groups export today, archive's updated.

Edited by 3Doomer
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Question! Will the exporters for WFT and WDR eventually be OFT/ODR for openFormats? Since they (openFormats Team) can tell you the structure to export Shaders? Or am I over thinking this?

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btw... 3Doomer: Could you say me or link me to a download page for a WPL editor? in that way i can put much placing entries in 1 file instead of created 1 per building(since it appears to be in another kind of coding lenguage when you try to open it in "text-based" way

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you want to unite two WPLs? you'll have problems with LOD IDs...

you can just import both of them with GIMS, correct the hierarchy and export as a new one


why are you saying about one file for each building?? WPL can contain thousands of them

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yeh, thats exactly my point


for example i do my first export, but when trying to do the second one, theres no way i can put the WPL placing line for that new object inside the already existing WPL file from the first import i did, so my question was how to do that and another one, the mesh gets imported now when importing WPL to max?

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just import your WPL and add new objects into the hierarchy, then export


the WDR model's being imported, if it's found in the WPL directory

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you are awesome man! just fking hell rocking tool, thanks, tryin it now and reporting problems if have them


ok, i got a simple big azz problem, with pretty old GIMS(The one using dev_openbounds/dev_ide/dev_wpl) single stuff i imported showed off ingame

just did the try with the last GIMS(link at first page) and went to the place via teleport and not even the object there+i had to export with old Shadow WDR script couse when i tried to use GIMS one, max just freezes the hell out and wont answer after that

here my scene;

1)YOU can see my hierachi

2)The object is kind of far from LC and im sure i checked there since i used a teleporter so i wont fail coords


user posted image


Please i would thank all the help, im kind of frustrated how old scripts could work and new wont


final question; that file that gets created inside a folder saying "INSIDE TO .IMG ARCHIVE"(i think the name of folder makes it clear) but even that, it goes where .IMG archive is(folder) or inside the self .IMG archive like any other file like WTD and that crap?


Thanks and hope to get help with this

Edited by vans123
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when max freezes, just wait.


use "base" instead of "map"(or "detail" for an object, and "base" for it's LOD)


IMG archive is local archive with current mod files(WTD, WDR, etc)

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