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Missing Textures AND Models


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I'm a noob at such things. I was playing the game and came into the Uncle Vlad mission. The game was running fine until after the cutscene where Niko and Roman goes confront Vlad at the bar.


After the cutscene, you have to take out his henchmen and chase after Vlad, but I can't go past that mission. My textures just suddenly went missing and the floor just turned to grey. I can still play and exit the bar but I cant see the model of Vlad or anything else.


I can't seem to take a screenshot cuz when I take screenshot, the screenshot is just a piece of black. Freaky, really.


I searched for awhile on Google but noone seems to have the same mission glitch as mine. I played the game fine for a day so I'm pretty sure my specs can play the game.


Anyone got a solution to this, I wanna play the game badly.

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I reinstalled the game, and the problem is fixed. I think probably my installation has some problems or something.

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