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i made an image just for fun and i need someone to make a logo and put a ps3 thing in it along with all those rockstar logos a normal gta box has. also it's not needed but if you guys are really on the mood, you guys could do the back of the box, the images need to be about brazilian government guns included. the name i need is Grand Theft Auto Brasilia (brasilia in with a green outline blue center and the rest yellow, just like brazil flag)

here is the image to make it: http://img560.imageshack.us/i/gtagovernobrasileiro.jpg/

EDIT:i have put this on here and still no one made anything not even say it's a bad idea or anything, i have saw people who got their requests done in less than a day, why don't you guys at least reply? sneaky2.gifsuicidal.gifmad.gif

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Maybe if this was written correctly and more precisely, we could understand on what to make you. I would be delighted to make your logo, but I have no idea in hell what you're requesting.

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has everyone seen narcis speed he didn't post anything

Wrong topic i guess?


PS:Don't worry.Nobody will make anything for you.Well,maybe

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You probably didn't got any answer because of the resource size, post all the images individually and I will remake it all.

jaban- I know you want some banners done so badly, but creating worthless posts/topics will not help you.

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Look at this

user posted image






user posted image






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