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How to remove the restriction on the number of car


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Please tell me how to get around the restriction on the number of vehicles installed in the game. I have a version of the patch is it can be replaced only 35 cars. In version can be replaced by even less. 28 cars.

There is a solution to use common handling for several cars, but vseravno not obtained simultaneously use more than 80 cars added.

How to get around this restriction?




I found a program for San Andreas that removes restrictions on the number of assigned vehicles in the game until 1000.

Can someone make a mod for Gta 4 or convert it to work on gta 4? Was keen to promote this. May be asked to do this mod on the western forum? who can advise you that on this subject?


Or can someone that knows how to remove the restriction on the installation of cars in the game?

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There is no restriction on the amount of cars you can put into GTA IV, I have a file with over one hundred cars in it. Or are you talking about before you start to get the taxi bug or pop ins?

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100 cars set is not difficult. What about 200? 300?

The game has 127 cars + 8 DLC. for patch 1.0.4, you can add 28 cars on version of about 40. You can not add 400 vehicles have restrictions games. I am asking you to help lift this restriction.

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I don't understand, you wanna have 400+ cars in game? What for?

There is no working taxi fix so replacing any vehicle 1mb+ have no sense.

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Naid is right, no game could handle 400 cars, without crashing every five minutes, that is if it even runs. You would need a really good computer, like military grade computer to handle the game.

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