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Futuristic gta game yes or no and why?

sure shot

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how about a gta set in world war 2??

Play Saboteur. It's sandbox game set in Paris during WWII

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Actually...There is a GTA game that takes place in the future. GTA2. It took place in 2013, and that game came out a while ago. Oh, and

Red dead redemption, is pretty much GTA in the Wild West era... you guys need to lurk more.

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Mister Pink

GTA is great because I like to play games that imitate life. Do things in the game I can't do in real life. Like steal a car in traffic. I also wasn't really too fond of futuristic stuff until recently. Even, so it's very hard to pull of future stuff. It has to be convincing in some way.


I'm not saying a futuristic GTA is not going to be fun. I'm not saying it can't be done. I personally wouldn't enjoy it as much as a contemporary or retro setting.

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