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The war between the States had wrecked homes, separated families and brought death to many who did not deserve it. One of those families was the one belonging to Robert Wilford. He resided in Redding, California with his wife, son and four year old daughter. Robert is originally from Idaho but moved out to California in order to take advantage of the gold rush that sweeped the Californian mountains in the late forties. Wilford did not find much luck out there but did meet his wife, Clara and they raised two children despite living an impoverished lifestyle. When war broke out in 1860, Robert saw an opportunity to make money for his family. He moved out West and joined the Union army.


Life in the army was not what he expected. Firing a gun was a lot more difficult when you have several hundred Confederate soldiers charging at you. In 1862, Robert Wilford was shot in the leg and he was discharged much to his relief. A few months later, Robert found himself on his way home back to his family. After getting the train to Red Bluff station, he commandeered a horse to take him the remaining distance home.


On horseback, Robert trudged down the dirty path alongside the Herman canyon to his left. The bushes that bordered the road were now becoming a familiar sight to him and in front, there seemed to be no sign of civilization. Several times, his horse looked set to give in to the burning heat falling on to the two of them but Robert managed to kick out just a few more miles out of the horse and gradually make their way home.


Above him, Robert could see that night time was creeping up on him and the stars were beginning to show themselves against the darkening sky. Robert knew that his time came and so he brought his horse to a standstill so he could climb off. Robert took hold of the rope wrapped around the horse’s neck and dragged the horse to the side of the pathway to a small clearing where he could set up camp. Robert dropped his bag to the floor and pulled it’s contents out: one set of clothes, a blanket and a makeshift tent that he managed to buy in Red Bluff. Robert set up his tent as his horse walked over to a nearby stream to take a sip. The tent was made however it was weak and fragile but it did not matter to Robert, it would do for one night. Robert then pulled his horse back to his camp and brought it down to sleep. He then got under his blanket and slept with only the sounds of the crickets and various other animals in his ears.



Dawn broke and Robert hastily washed himself in the small stream before packing his things and setting off home. He knew that his family was only five or six hours away. As he set off his horse suddenly got spooked and lifted it’s front hooves into the air. Robert brought it under control and then moved onwards towards home.


Once again Robert could feel the Californian sun bearing down on him. But he wasn’t going to let that prevent him from reaching his destination. In his head he imagined the reception he would receive from his wife, from his kids and the hot meal that would be waiting for him. It had been over two years since he last spoke to his children. He made plans on what he would do when he saw them again. He wanted to teach Tommy how to shoot a gun and he wanted to take Helen up to the top of Mount Verdana where you had the best view of Redding and could see into the state of Washington. Robert was so locked in thought that he reacted too late when he saw two men jump out from behind a bush on the side of the road. Both men had rifles in their hands pointing directly at Robert. The burliest of the two men spoke to Robert. “Alright mister. Hold your horse right there!”


Robert complied. Then a short man moved closer to Robert’s horse, keeping the rifle aimed at Robert’s head, he ordered him to get off the horse. Then the burly man spoke up again, “Slowly now. We don’t want to have to hurt you.”


“Sir, I am returning from war to see my family. I ask you for sympathy.” Robert pleaded.


“War?” the small man asked. “My brother died in that war. Are you a Union boy?”


Robert had to think fast, he worried about choosing the wrong side that could result in harm coming his way before answering “Union, sir.”


The small man had a disgusted look come over his face. “You one of ‘em Billy Yank boys?! My brother died at the hands of you sons of bitches!”


Robert winced and feared the worst but suddenly the burly man interjected. “Frank, shut up.” He looked back at Robert. “You. Get off the damn horse.”


Robert got off the horse, he could feel Frank’s steely gaze burning through him and as he got off the horse he accidentally poked the barrel of Frank’s rifle. “Now get on your knees, you here me?” said Frank as he poked the gun directly into Robert’s face.


The burly man took Robert’s bag off the back of the horse and started searching through it. Robert watched in the side of his eye as the burly man frustratingly searched for something of value. “Damnit. Don’t you have any money?” the burly man asked.


“Yes, it’s in my pocket. Please take it and leave me be.” Robert said.


“Shut your Goddamn mouth.” Frank replied.


The burly man looked at Frank, “Frank, check his pockets.”


Frank let his rifle down and put his hand into Robert’s left pocket only to find nothing. He then put searched the right pocket. Directly in front of Robert’s face he could see Frank’s pistol sitting in it’s holster on Frank’s belt. It was an inch from his face. Robert saw his chance, he pulled the pistol out and fired it directly into Frank’s stomach. The horse screamed and lifted it’s hooves into the air. Robert looked at the burly man who was lifting his gun up from the floor. Robert pointed the pistol directly at the burly man’s head and unleashed hot lead that scorched through the burly man’s head exposing his brain. As the horse dropped it’s two front hooves down, the burly man’s body dropped with it in a synchronized motion.


There was a silence except the horse fidgeting in it’s spot. Then suddenly Frank started to groan. He was experiencing excruciating pain. Robert had seen this before. The groaning was all to familiar to Robert from his war experience. Unfortunately there was nothing Robert could do back then. This time, Robert could do what he wanted to do to so many of his comrades. He pointed the pistol at Frank’s head and ended his suffering.


Again the horse started to agitate. Robert calmed it down before packing his stuff and continuing his journey home. His wife and children were waiting to be reunited with him.




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I'm surprised no one's responded yet, Andy, so I'll go ahead and give a bit of critique on this. First off, I never get tired of a western, but when you've read them a few times some similar words start to shine through the pages at you. I'd recommend going with some unused terms that we wouldn't otherwise see in a western-set story, for your additions onto this storey (if you are planning on adding pieces).



Robert knew that his time came and so he brought his horse to a standstill so he could climb off. Robert took hold of the rope wrapped around the horse’s neck and dragged the horse to the side of the pathway to a small clearing where he could set up camp.


This sort of breaks the flow of the first part of the story. I know Robert's stopping his horse to get off, as well as I know Robert would need to pull the horse to the side of the road if he was camping out. Maybe instead of describing the action you could replace it with his thoughts on the current situation, though I don't know how it'd work in a 3rd person piece (I'm really bad in that department). The last excerpt with the bandits was a nice way to leave the reader wanting more, by the way.


(also, you can't indent on GTAForums, sorry confused.gif)


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Mokrie Dela

I'm planning on uploading my own RDR fanfic and, seeing as how inactive the rdr forums seem for this, was gonna do it here.


It's good to see that some people have had the same thought, (as in a western, RDR inspired piece, not necessarily a fan fic). Not a bad read there though, nice one smile.gif

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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This is Nice. Could you write some more, I'd really like to know what happens.

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