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GTA: Los Santos

Ray Carter

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I noticed alot of beta Information, Screenshots & Videos showed more Los Santos than anywhere else.

Does anyone else wonder that Los Santos was an early idea before adding San Fierro and Las Venturas?

It could have been that San Andreas was a CITY, and would have been based on Los Angeles.

GTA1 had San Andreas City and made no mention of Los Santos, San Fierro or Las Venturas.

I think that this would have been the first idea following Vice City, as following beta

information such as maps show a whole state close to the final release.


Does anyone have an explanation to the popularity of Los Santos during early stages?

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A Negro is more entertaining than Trans-planted Italians?

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I honestly think they didn't want to give too much away. If you look at the trailer for IV now, you'll notice much of it is situated in Hove Beach, and it's the same story with many of the screenshots. Other than that, San Fierro and other neighbouring areas may well have been unfinished. Where better place to tempt us with than that lush Los Santos sunset?

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I think I remember something about Dan or Sam Houser saying the trilogy was always planned to be "the west coast in the 90s, Miami in the 80s and New York" or something like that...So I think it was always all of california not just LA (los santos)

Banned, now stay the f*ck out
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