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Best racing moments


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I know that only a limited amount of people play Race regularly, but all of us who have good memories from the past, shall now freely brag about 'em here. I'll start.


It was a race at Terminal Velocity, 2 laps with 12 racers around, including me who joined in the middle of the action. The other supercars were already escaping in the horizon when I began chasing the pack with my Super GT. The first lap was difficult and I made a mistake, but I remember still being around the 5th-9th position after the first lap. In the lead was a pack of 8, 9 and 10 ranked players with faster cars than mine, but still somehow I was able to catch up and reach 4th place about halfway through the second lap. Three corners from the end, in a wide left turn, I suddenly caught up to the leaders who seemingly had a pile-up when fiercely battling for the lead - I was able to squeeze my car into the lead, but the challenge was tough - Comets and Infernuses were simply faster on straights and I was pressured. Someone even tried to ram me in the last corner, but failed to do so, and this meant a memorable victory for me. It had even more value in it because I hadn't raced for a couple of weeks, maybe even months, and it was the greatest possible comeback. If I had to pick my best multiplayer moment of all time, this is gonna be it. smile.gif


Your turn to brag. Hope this gets interesting... cool.gif

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Two years ago (mid-2009), I was registered in the Alderney State Racing Championship (a very hard yet rewarding race). The race track was Industrial Action (a total of 23 checkpoints for 3 laps) which is located in south Alderney. I was up against four other players in a track with a sorts of twists and turns. I selected a Turismo and my opponent's chose a Sultan RS, a Comet and two Banshee's.


The race started and I immediately took the lead. I lead the pack until the [about] 15th checkpoint of the 2nd lap. My Turismo smacked into a Mule truck and spiraled out of control. My four enemies zipped right passed me, leaving me in dead last. I had to step on it if I wanted a chance to win the race. Eventually the Sultan RS and a Banshee crashed and I surpassed them. On the second to last checkpoint the Sultan RS swerved out of control and smacked into a wall. I was neck-and-neck with the Comet and I winded up beating him by a meer second.

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I had one bike race in Taxiing where a hacker spawned a concrete block in the gate to the aiport blocking the way. However, there is an unn-attached set of airplane steps which I used to jump the bike over the fence - and the spawned obstacle was narrow enough I could collect the checkpoint and won. The hacker was pretty furious - couldn't understand how I'd managed to finish!

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i recently played a GTA race which i hardly ever play, anyways it was on the airport track, bikes + just guns.


A few high ranks, got very pissed off by the fact I was winning after the first lap, having killed them both, so they decided to take me out, setting an ambush and coming me at me with a car, whilst a few others were just trying to race, think there was 6 altogether.


It was funny because it became clear what they were trying to do, so I decided to be like rambo, and fight fire with fire, which normally for myself being an average at best shooter fails miserably, smile.gif but to my surprise i took both of them out, and then 2nd and 3rd place, all in quick succession, went on to win the race after that !

funny because second race, the two high ranks stayed to get me back, but I had to leave mid-game, whilst i was in second place, the douche winning sent me a message like - i kicked your pussy ass biggrin.gif


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