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memory modding


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Can some one tell how to add memory lines?

I want to change the handling in- game when pressing a key




0xC2B9DC - Handling Block Start. Each slot has 224 bytes of data.

+0x0 = [dword] Index/Identifier

+0x4 = fMass

+0x8 = 1.0 / fMass

+0xC = fTurnMass

+0x10 = fDragMult

+0x14 = CentreOfMass.x

+0x18 = CentreOfMass.y

+0x1C = CentreOfMass.z

+0x20 = [byte] nPercentSubmerged

+0x24 = fMass * 8.0000001e-1 / nPercentSubmerged

+0x28 = fTractionMultiplier

+0x74 = [byte] TransmissionData.nDriveType

+0x75 = [byte] TransmissionData.nEngineType

+0x76 = [byte] TransmissionData.nNumberOfGears

+0x7C = TransmissionData.fEngineAcceleration (Multiplied by 3.9999999e-4)

+0x80 = TransmissionData.fEngineInertia

+0x84 = TransmissionData.fMaxVelocity (Multiplied by 5.5555599e-3)

+0x94 = fBrakeDeceleration (Multiplied by 3.9999999e-4)

+0x98 = fBrakeBias

+0x9C = [byte] bABS

+0xA0 = fSteeringLock

+0xA4 = fTractionLoss

+0xA8 = fTractionBias

+0xAC = fSuspensionForceLevel

+0xB0 = fSuspensionDampingLevel

+0xB4 = fSuspensionHighSpdComDamp

+0xB8 = Suspension upper limit

+0xBC= Suspension lower limit

+0xC0 = Suspension bias between front and rear

+0xC4 = Suspension anti-dive multiplier

+0xC8 = fCollisionDamageMultiplier (multiplier not yet found)

+0xCC = [hex] modelFlags

+0xD0 = [hex] handlingFlags

+0xD4 = fSeatOffsetDistance

+0xD8 = [dword] nMonetaryValue

+0xDC = [byte] Front lights

+0xDD = [byte] Rear lights

+0xDE = [byte] Vehicle anim group



//-------------MAIN---------------thread 'HANDLING' :HANDLING_11wait 20 if    Actor.DrivingVehicleType($PLAYER_ACTOR, #SWATVAN)else_jump @HANDLING_11  @HANDLING_220A8C: write_memory 0xC2B9DC size 224 value 1 virtual_protect 00A8C: write_memory 0x4B size 224 value 1 virtual_protect 0



Does it looks like that? (index=11)

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