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One of my favorite things to do in GTA 4 is doing stunts cool.gif Usually I do jumps with a motorbike on ramps through the city or of course just go to the airport where there are many ways to have fun with the bike. Although it is great fun as it is right now I think there is much room for improvement. A couple of things come to mind:


- What about portable ramps? Like a truck with a ramp on the back? Just like Crackdown smile.gif

- Should there be a customizable Stunt Arena? Just like Evel Knievel? Making jumps over dozens of trucks for example with dirt bikes?

- Even better would be a Level Editor for the entire city biggrin.gif Maybe not to rearrange everything but at least place ramps and share it online with friends smile.gif


In fact, all of this should be offline and online and for every platform. Not just pc, which probably already has lots of stunt mods for GTA 4, but also for XBOX 360 and PS3 smile.gif Maybe there should be a separate offline freeroam mode for changing the map so it won't interfer with the epic story. And because it is separate you could pick your own custom build character, also offline splitscreen! wink.gif


Well, that's about it. At least for stunting with bikes. Of course there a lots of other ways to play daredevil with other vehicles. Cars, boats, helicopters maybe even planes again? And what about skateboarding at the skateboard park? Making fun of Tony Hawk tounge2.gif Or what about bungee jumping? Imagine the fun of cutting the cord with your chopper to a friend. Going down or bouncing back up tounge2.gif How about abseiling? Paragliding? Hang gliding? Snowboarding? Waterskiiing? Surfing big waves? I really hope for extreme sports in GTA 5 cool.gif California Games anyone? Or should I say San Andreas Games tounge2.gif


What do you think Rockstar should do to improve the fun of stunting and thereby add lots of replay value to GTA 5? Would you also love to see extreme sports added to the GTA (5) universe?

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Spaghetti Cat

All good ideas, just next time post this in the pinned wishlist topic at the top of the page. icon14.gif

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