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Moar rage.


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Game crashed wile I was saving (or after, I was at the ''ok'' part) and now it won't load, the game will crash when I try.


I've been using the CLEO save anywhere mod for about 2 days or so, cause the last time my game crashed I lost 2 hours of progress just before I had arrived to the save point sad.gif


N E way, the save is clearly broken, I tried using the save editior, change some values here and there but no luck... any way I can fix it pleez? sad.gif

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Good lord, never thought I'd see the day one of those stupid memes showed up in Modding. suicidal.gif


So you can't use the normal save? Does your CLEO save mod disable it? When did this problem start, after installing any particular mods?


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Ok umm where do I start...


Tried deleting the .set file, no good.


No the mod isn't blocking / disabling the save game, it's just broken.


I only have 3 mods and I don't plan on adding others until after I reached 100% completion, which will probably never happen now...

-Manual Drive By, very useful.

-Save Anywhere with F4 key.

-Rusty Brown's Ring donutz unlocked.


I also installed and then uninstalled the Car Spawner so I could get the Phoenix in the mission ''Wu Zi Mu''.


EDIT: Tried removing both the CLEO folder and CLEO itself, no good.


PS: No, it didn't start after installing a particular mod, like I said, I've been using these mods for 2, maybe 3 days now (I had a few days off and guess what I was doing all the time biggrin.gif ).


It simply crashed while saving, happened before, some months ago, but I could load the save game back then. I'm not even using any cheats...


I don't know if this matters but here's my game progress:


-Last missions finished were Toreno's 1st 3 missions, now I was waiting for another phone call from him I guess, probably the one about buying the airfield.

-Just finished Wang Cars asset and was Exporting cars to the docks.

-Finished every side mission and accomplished everything that counts towards 100% completion (including oysters, snapshots, tags etc) except the Quarry missions and the flying school.


You get it, I got kicked in the balls.

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