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SnP Cesar Vialpando


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In mission no.9 Cesar Vialpando what are the controls to win the car competetion? Im playing it on pc and using an keyboard so i need to know the controls for that


Sorry, im starting to play it so i maybe a noob right now, thanks in advance.

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First off, welcome to GTAForums!

I've found in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ topic this table for the "Cesar Vialpando" mission controls.



Action Key
Up Arrow 8
Down Arrow 2
Left Arrow 4
Right Arrow 6
Upper Right Arrow 8 & 6
Upper Left Arrow 8 & 4
Lower Right Arrow 2 & 6
Lower Left Arrow 2 & 4


But, as long as you used the "SNP" tag in the topic title means that you want the mission done, as that's what SNP means, Save N' Play. If it's true, simply upload your save game on gtasnp.com and go to C:\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files to find your save file. After that, copy and paste the link in your post.


If you need still more advice and information about how things work in the Mission Help forum, simply read the Mission Help Rules & FAQ topic. icon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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