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White Cop Cars & Friendly NOOSE


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Hi everybody,


There are 2 things wrong in my game. I don't know what's causing it, otherwise it would be good by now, ofcourse.

The things are the following:


-All the cop cars I see, well, Police & Police2 but not Cruiser, are white. I replaced the police cars with the same car, a police car from the 70s.

But they are always white. Never coloured black as it should be. Also, they are most likely dirty as h*ll.

Anyone knows an answer?


-When I have 4 police stars or more, the NOOSE will come. They come after me, for example at the airport, and try to hit me with their van.

But if they hit me or something, well lets say when I'm standing still, they get out of the car. But they don't shoot me, they keep staring at me.

When I shoot one of them, he gets hit and when he stands up again, he doesn't do anything and just keep staring at me. They just don't shoot.

If the police arives, in their dirty white cars, they dó shoot and try to kill me.

What the heck is wrong?


It's just very weird and spoils the experience a bit. Anyone knows something?


Thanks in advance!



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