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GTA The Trashmaster movie


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This is the first time I have seen it. WOW! Awesome effort put in by the creator. I just did not like one thing about the movie...THE VOICE ACTING...TERRIBLE! The main character sounded wimpy and as though he had a bad head cold.


No expression, no emotions coming from the voice acting....sounded like it was just read off a script and that was it! In my opinion, if this movie had some voice acting like the REAL GTA IV, especially if they could have had the characters talking to each other, this movie would have been over the top.


Other than that, the movie and putting together gameplay and cut

scenes from GTA IV was awesome!


I apologise if this movie has been posted here before, but I searched and did not find it.


Maybe someone could give me a link to the other post, if there is one?

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