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Tesla VS Top Gear


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Saw this on a few other forums. The aspect that amuses me most is Tesla's claim that the roadster "Hadn't broken" when the brakes failed, and it's failed fuse was repaired by changing the vacuum pump (?).


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Jalop did a nice little piece on the ordeal including Andy's response.


"Tesla claims we were lying when we said the brakes were "broken". They now say that all that had happened was that the fuse to the vacuum pump had failed, which meant that the brake just had to be pushed down much harder than usual. Well – to my mind, if the brakes are broken, then they're broken, and if this happened to your car, you'd take it to the garage to get it fixed. Odd it seems so trivial to Tesla now, because on the day of filming they insisted on repairing the fuse before we could carry on driving the car."



Last time I checked, if it doesn't work, it's broken or if something requires repair, its broken. Thats some funny sh*t there.

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If you're going to be petty over the treatment of your products in the media, Top Gear would be the last program you loan them to.


Hell, they were lucky enough to get any praise at all from Clarkson! Now they're latching onto the parts of the segment they didn't like. Petty, petty.

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Fozzy Fozborne

I don't believe they ever said "The Tesla ran out of battery after..." they said they "worked out it would run out after 54 miles."


So their statement that the charge level never dropped below 20% is pretty moot.


Also, no one really watches Top Gear's $200,000+ car reviews for their legitimate opinion. You don't buy those cars based on Jeremy Clarkson drifting them around a track, you buy them based on legitimate reviews and your personal opinion on the car.

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