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What is the normal run speed?

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I downloaded this off the Rockstar Classics site yesterday but I can't seem to get it to run at a reasonable speed. At first it was choppy and too low of a fps so I came here and read about the dxdiag trick and setting sound acceleration to basic. I will say that makes it run at a smooth fps, but my god the cars just shoot off like rockets. I get into a police car and it goes so fast it's nearly impossible to steer since it goes at like 200 mph. I do have frame limiter on of course; without it every car just goes into lightspeed mode and IS impossible to steer.


I played GTA2 and the cars handled very well, even the fast ones I could control and they didn't try to out-race the camera. But with GTA1 I just don't know; is it normal for the cars to be so obscenely fast? It seems really unnatural and awkward, to the point where it almost seems unplayable unless you have the reflexes of a cheetah high on caffeine. Turning the sound acceleration to none didn't really help at all either because it became choppy again. Changing resolutions didn't affect anything either.

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Claude Speed.

Download this app from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?bmhhm55y79y1493

And follow the instructions from here: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/topic/26943828

Tell me if it works, I tested in GTA III and it worked, but I don't know about GTA I. I'm gonna play it soon and I want to know if it works. Remember to turn off frame limiter in the game before you do this.


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30 FPS is the normal speed.

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So i decided to play this game once in my life... for the purpose of making a speedrun for it. So I would need to know at what fps this game normally runs.


1) With frame limiter on I get max. 23 fps. Does everyone who plays this game with frame limiter on have this 23 fps or does it vary with different hardware?


2) Does someone know on what fps the PSX version runs? If you take the 30fps Sektor suggested it looks just unreal when you compare it to PSX version and it is honestly next to unplayable because the cars are like rockets.

Edited by Molotok

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I could have been wrong about 30 FPS. That's just what GTA2 runs at, I thought GTA1 would be the same.

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I know this'll be a huge bump, but stuttering issues and low frame rates are sometimes caused by the resolution the game runs on. Try setting it to a lower one by (if I remember right) f10, or f11.

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