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[SnP]T-Bone Mendez


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Mission: T Bone Mendez

Link: http://gtasnp.com/25602

Status: Complete, thanks to lil weasel smile.gif.

Completion %: 24.6%

Notes: Do not use any cheat, mods, or something.



OffTopic : Yea.. another day, another mission tounge.gif. Besides that i mostly fail in race/chase missions because of my lag sad.gif.

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I'll do it. (It is against the Rules to use Cheats, Mods, Trainers, etc.)


It is also nice to have CJ saved as near the Mission Start as possible, too.


For: anantanni

Missions: T-Bone Mendez

Link: http://gtasnp.com/25603



Buy Safe Houses, they count toward the percentage of game completion.


Carry On! icon14.gif

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Thanks, Your Welcome. Don't forget about Zero's shop; There is one more task there to get it as an A$$et.

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