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Escuela of the streets mission error


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This is the discussion on the GTA 4 mission 'Escuela of the streets' error / problem which I experienced, and which many people complained about. It is the mission in which many people got stuck, where you get in the car with Manny and follow a dealer in his car to the meet, but when the dealer reaches his destination, he just sits there in his car and nothing happens.

I had this problem, you play the mission and when the dealer stops his car, a yellow arrow is supposed to appear on the road behind him but it doesn't. I have solved it by reducing the graphics settings to a minimum until the resource usage is below the indicated maximum, then I changed the aspect ratio to 4:3. I played the mission, and when the dealer stops his car, a yellow arrow appeared behind me. Moving your car to the yellow arrow will trigger a cut-scene to continue the mission.


You shouldn't download patches for this game because downloading patches gave me more problems, like the game doesn't start etc.



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OR, you can run the game in Safe-mode for this mission and get rid of that problem..

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