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Rank your top 10 missions...

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Hi all, I was playing Deconstruction For Beginners the other night, and I had forgotten just how fun it was since my first playthrough a few years ago. The best thing is that I hadn't actually bothered looking for/buying weapons on this playthrough, so when I finally got some Grenades and the AK I was pretty excited to be able to go down there and destroy everything. It's a decent challenge too, since a lot of the guys have AKs and there is only one health kit that I know of.


Anyhow, some of you may know me as a poster who has been very critical of IVs missions in the past few weeks, because I feel there isn't enough variety and the difficulty isn't always there. However, I'm leaving all that out of this thread- I'm going to be positive for a moment. I will admit I have been pleasantly suprised by how enjoyable I'm finding some missions this time round. That gave me the idea of starting this thread- I am pretty sure most people will list "Three Leaf Clover" near the top, as that really was the best bank robbery in ANY GTA game (see I'm being positive smile.gif ) But I was interested to find what other missions people really loved. Here's my own top 10:


10. Wrong is Right- The chases in this game have been pretty poor for the most part, but I was very pleasantly suprised when I realised that catching this guy (without using my weapons while I'm in the car) was going to be tricky.


9. Deconstruction for Beginners- For the reasons stated above, it just is fun.


8. Blow Your Cover- I love those missions where SWAT raid the place, really makes me feel under seige.


7. Hostile Negotiation- I just went crazy with the AK47 in this mission, hitting anything in sight. The thing I like about this is the guys tucked away which catch you off guard- they needed more like this IMO.


6. Museum Piece- again, I am a sucker for shootouts with Cops. This mission isn't too difficult but the whole raid thing gets me going.


5. To Live and Die in Alderney- It is a while since I did this mission, but I remember really enjoying it.


4. Snow Storm- The adrenaline really gets going when the NOOSE start to raid the hospital. I actually failed this a few times, because of all the little rooms and corridors which make it hard to see ALL the NOOSE Officers. I have been critical of IV's mission difficulty in the past, but I can't complain too much about this.


3. Tunnel of Death- Blowing sh*t up in a tunnel is fun. Plus I am a Police Vehicle fetishist, so I just HAD to have that Stockade lol.gif


2. Truck Hustle- They needed more like this IMO, where you have a very real chance of failing.


1. Three Leaf Clover- hands down, I knew as I was playing this that it just felt "classic". The mark of any great mission IMO.


It is worth noting that these are in no particular order, although my favourite is undoubtedly TLC, and was ever since I first played it. The Final Missions were epic, but as a Final GTA mission they are supposed to be epic, therefore I don't rank them on my list.


Post your own Top 10s, and if possible then list reasons.

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Vega LVI

Grand Theft Auto IV certainly has the greatest missions than any other GTA game. I am proud to say that I have beaten all of these missions without cheats or codes. Here is my top 10 GTA IV missions:


10. The Holland Play (Playboy X)


9. Blood Brothers (Francis McReary)


8. Three Leaf Clover (Packie McReary)


7. I'll Take Her... (Gerald McReary)


6. Late Checkout (Ray Boccino)


5. Hostile Negotiation (Roman Bellic)


4. Liquidize The Assets (Jon Gravelli)


3. Trespass (Phil Bell)


2. Entourage (Jon Gravelli)


1. Final Interview (Francis McReary)

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10. Deconstruction for Beginners

9. The Holland Play

8. Blow Your Cover

7. Final Interview

6. Flatline

5. Pegorino's Pride

4. Museum Piece

3. To Live and Die in Alderney

2. Hostile Negotiation

1. Three Leaf Clover

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10) Late Checkout


9) Luck of the Irish


8) Deconstuction for Beginners


7) Blow your Cover


6) Diamond Are A Girls Bestfriends


5) Waste Not Want Knots


4) A Dish Served Cold


3) Musiem Piece


2) Out Of Commission


1) Three Leaf Clover

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That mission where you had to log onto a computer wins hands down, nothing comes close to the adrenaline rush.

Cousins Bellic in #2

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VC Over LC

10. Luck of the Irish [Patrick McReary]

9. Call and Collect [Francis McReary]

8. Holland Nights [Francis McReary]

7. Hostile Negotiation [Roman Bellic]

6. Trespass [Phil Bell]

5. Flatline [Jimmy Pegorino]

4. Taking in the Trash [Ray Boccino]

3. Undertaker [Patrick McReary]

2. Lure [Francis McReary]

1. The Master and the Molotov [Dimitri Rascalov]

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10. Street Sweeper Can be finished in short time, but also turned out to be a nice chase with a gunfight and ramming.

09. The Snow Storm Like everything about it, parking your car, taking out the angels and the dealers, the cops, taking down a chopper and the arriving police cars, then leaving with your car and having another great chase.


08. Ruff Rider I like the Dwayne-Niko connection and taking down Jayvon.

07. Undress To Kill Pretty much the same here.


06. Late Checkout Nice mission for Ray B. Hotel shootout.

05. Holland Nights I like these missions in Holland.

04. A Long Way To Fall Same here.

03. Hostile Negotiation I'm leaving here with Roman!

02. A Dish Served Cold One of my favourites, taking out Dimitri.

01. Bleed out The beginning is the end. I like knocking down Bledar and Kalem, chasing Dardan with Roman, disarming Dardan and stabbing him. All during the first Broker days.

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Waste Not Want Knots was an awesome mission I have to say, just done it on my current playthrough and the number of Mafia goons is unrelenting! They're f*cking everywhere! Awesome mission. It might make my top 10.

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10. Blow Your Cover  - I love the drug deal, and then the perfect shootout!


9. Blood Brothers  - A interesting choice that changes the storyline a bit, awesome storytelling. 


8. Tunnel of Death  - Real american action, exciting and fun mission. Always liked prison breaks.


7. Master and the Molotov  - The shootout and killing Faustin!! : ) 


6. Undertaker  - The script, this mission is well written. A bit drama and then nice action and car driving. 


5. Late Checkout  - The massive gangster gangster-fight, so intense. 


4. Holland Play  - The choices you'll get, both of the missions are beautifully done :)


3. A Revengers Tragedy  - The ending is so sad, but still you get to avenge Roman. The story and how the mission is build up - I love it.


2. Three Leaf Clover  - A great, stressful heist-mission. Love the action. The shootout, the characters, the atmosphere and everything-


1. That Special Someone - The most sad and storytelling mission in the game. Well written, just love the dialogues, the scene between Darko and Niko finally meeting again is so interesting, and then of course the choice. 

Edited by Lunac124

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Eugene H. Krabs

10 - Liquidize the Assets

9 - The Holland Play

8 - Late Checkout

7 - Truck Hustle

6 - Flatline

5 - Pest Control

4 - The Master and the Molotov

3 - Undress to Kill

2 - Blow Your Cover

1 - To Live and Die in Alderney

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1. Three Leaf Clover- Though a little unrealistic IMO, it's still my favourite. I loved that shootout, Packie and Derrick's conversation.

2.  Out of commission- It feels so good to chase Pegorino and put a bullet in his head.

3. Late Checkout- I love these kind of assassination missions and Isaac's execution was done great.

4. Waste not want knots- Basically all of Packie's missions are my favourite. 

5. Meltdown- Chasing Luca through out the city, shootout at Middle Park and then finishing of Luca in the toilets felt great.

6. Uncle Vlad- Killing Vlad was my only favorite thing in this mission.

7. Blow your cover

8. A long way to fall

9. Undertaker

10. Diamonds are girl's best friend


Honourable mentions- Flatline, To live and die in Alderney, Master and Molotov and Bleed out.

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10) Pegorino’s Pride - diner cover, run and gun, car chase, it has all the action.

9) Museum Piece - brings the Impossible Trinity together.

8) No 1 - introduces you to street races and a super car when you likely don’t have one.

7) Blow Your Cover - great interior gun fight, and Algonquin gets unlocked.

6) The Master and the Molotov - a critical moment in the story where things escalate.

5) Uncle Vlad - the iconic execution of the game.

4) Hostile Negotiations - loads of little extras. Call Dimitri and see what Niki says. Arrive by helicopter and RPG armed bad guys appear on the roof.

3) A Revengers Tragedy - a more impactful finale than Out of Commission (even though the latter my more commonly chosen end branch).

2) Late Check Out - a hotel shoot out, but one where you can approach it in so many ways - my favourite is to land a helicopter on the roof.

1) Three Leaf Clover - maybe the obvious choice, but it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the iconic mission the will always be associated with the game.


So many good missions though, it’s hard to pick just 10.

Edited by Jimbatron

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10. Blow your cover

 9. Diamonds are a girl's best friend

 8. The Cousins Bellic

 7. Museum Piece

 6. The Holland Play

 5. Uncle Vlad

 4. A dish served cold

 3. Hostile negotiation

 2. A revenger's tragedy/Out of commision

 1. Blow your cover

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Hard to pick just 10 since contrary to belief that GTA IV's missions are "boring and repetitive" there are a lot of great missions, but I'll do my best since this list usually changes.


1) Museum Piece. I really just love this mission because it's the only mission throughout the whole GTA IV/EFLC saga that Niko, Johnny and Luis all cross paths at the same time.


2) Three Leaf Clover. Classic bank heist gone wrong scenario. The shootout through Chinatown is one of the most intense in the series.


3) The Cousins Bellic. Not much to this mission besides a simple introductory driving sequence, but the dialogue is gold.


4) Roman's Sorrow. Similarly as above it's the dialogue that makes this mission and the realisation that Niko and Roman are indeed in some hot sh*t that makes it standout.


5) A Revenger's Tragedy. Said many times, but there's some sweet satisfaction killing Dimitri at the foot of the Statue Of Happiness.


6) Final Interview. Love the Hitman vibe and options to approach it.


7) I'll Take Her. I always lol when Niko punches Gracie in the face just to get some peace and quiet.


8 ) That Special Someone.  Another one of those missions where the dialogue makes it. Niko finally gets to confront Darko and his outpour of emotion is inspiring.


9) Uncle Vlad. Introduces us to the first execution in the game and Niko reveals why he's in the city. Powerful moment that still gives me goosebumps.


10) Weekend At Florian's. Niko tracks down Bernie/Florian only to discover he wasn't the one behind the betrayal and has changed a lot since he last saw him.


As you can probably tell I'm more of a fan of the character/dialogue driven type missions, but I know there's many that's missing. Really it would be a much shorter list asking for my least favourite as there's really only a couple of missions I'm not a fan of. 

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10. Jamaican Heat:  We first get introduced to one of the best characters in the whole game Little Jacob.

9. Roman's Sorrow:  The conversation between Roman and Niko is interesting and very emotional.

8. The Master and the Molotov:  The turning point in the game, where you don't know at that point, you done a huge mistake and you feel emotion for killing Faustin.

7.  That Special Someone:  It's the mission where Niko finally gets to confront Darko and the dialogue between Roman and Niko is brilliant, it feels like a whole chapter of his life has been closed.

6. The Holland Play:   The major decision where you choose money or a friend, and if you make the wrong choice then it's very emotional.

5. A Dish Served Cold:  The mission where you finally kill Dmitri.

4. Hostile Negotiation:  Going to try and rescue Roman from being kidnapped. The mission shows how much Niko loves Roman and would do anything for him.

3. Russian Revolution:  Dmitri's Betrayal and Niko finally seeing Ray Bulgarian again in LC.  Just a brilliant mission and the shootout is fantastic.

2. Snow Storm:  The 2nd best mission, I really love the shootout in the hospital and the whole trying to escape from the hospital fiasco. Brilliant fun.

1. Three Leaf Clover:  The best mission in the game, the bank robbery is fantastic.  The shooting, everything about the mission is fantastic.



These are my top 10. It was a hard choice, but this it. There are so many missions you could put in the top 10.

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