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Wishes - Sidemissions & Minigames!


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- Sidemissions and minigames wishes & ideas only


Hello there, people. A while since I visisted this forums. I started this thread based on an idea that I consider very important; Why not let the community come up with ideas regarding sidemissions and minigames?


I may note, this is not a thread for overall wishes and ideas for the next gta, but rather a thread that focus only on sidemissions and minigames.


In the end of the day all these ideas might actually be added into the next Grand theft auto installment if it would be possible to pass them through to the team working with the upcoming gta (even though It’s not officialy confirmed).


Another note, is that each and everyone should try to keep each suggestion/suggestions fairly realistic. The goal is not to fly out in the space.. if you all understand. So ask yourself what you'd want to see, and what you think will keep people engaged.



What really makes gta fun, creative, and what makes it live for long, is the ability to do loads of things outside the story itself. In my opinion, it was exactly this gta iv lacked in, even though some great stuff was added in TboGT. San Andreas is a great example of freedom - something that always have been gta's DNA - a game that had many great features.


To start with: Sidemissions. There’s a lot of room for such things in GTA. Assasination, gang war, bank robberies etc. I will start to give some example of ideas I have.


Minigames. Drinking, playing dart, pool - you name it. All those little games that makes the game even more intresting.

So, to each and everyone, try to come up with some great ideas about sidemissions and minigames! It doesn’t really have to be that advanced - even the most simply sidemissions or minigames can be a great feature!


I have also added a list for the more controversial stuff, such as the hot coffee minigame, wich can be seen as second wishes since they are controversial. I'd like people to be serious about this to - don’t go to far in your wishes - It’s not just about ideas, but rather ideas that are realistic.


I will add all the wishes to the list, so open up your creativity! biggrin.gif







When you write down you ideas, don't just write it down in a wall of text, but do somehing like I've done.

In that way it will be a lot easier for me to add your ideas into the list. So add a title (e.iDrug Business, and give a short description.[/b]

Also add whenever it goes into sidemissions, illegal, legal, minigames and so on.










Drug business:

You will start with dealing drugs on the street for your boss but the more you play, the more advanced the missions gets. In the end you will have to steal trucks, raid warehouses and so on - and in the end you can choose to eihter kill your boss and take over the business, or let him be alive.


Raid Business:

You start this mission by driving to a office at the airport. From there, you'll be assigned to raid trucks, break into warehouses, and even rob banks. The mission starts fairly simple, but the more you work for your boss, the more advanced work you'll be able to do. You will, of course, get a piece of the cut from every work.




The more you work for various bosses in the city, the more respect you'll get. For instance, in some business, you'll have to prove yourself by killing someone. When your repupatation increase in the underworld, various shady characters might offer you work in the shady parts of town. If you kill the target alá rambo style, you'll won’t be rewarded that much - sometimes the mission will even fail. But if you manage to kill only the target without being seen, you'll earn more money and respect. If you kill the target silent, with strangulation, or any other way that doesnt make the target bleed, and without being seen, and then placing the dead body in the trunk of your car, driving it to a certain location, wich trigger a cutscene, and you'lls see your characters digging a grave, you'll achieve the maximum reward, aswell as an achievement called Hitman.





Transport Business:

A minigame that starts up when you enter a office at the docks. The minigame is about transporting various goods to diffrent locations around the city such as local stores, or even private places. The mission are not timed and It’s not about feeling stressed - However, you cannot work during night, and you get a certain amount of goods to transport to It’s proper location.






By going to a certain location, you can change your identity. This won’t affect the storyline in the game, but by doing this, your repupitation in the game will be reset to zero.



If you get caught by the polce, It’s not just a matter of spawning outside of a policestation anymore. First off, you will loose all weapons and other illegal items you wear, and you’ll also have to pay a fairly high fine (depending on what you’ve done). While in prison, you can walk around and follow the typical prison routines. You can also engage in fights and so on. You'll spawn inside a prison. Depending on the crime you’ve comitted you’ll have to stay there for a certain amount of time - However - you have the ability to click ''Skip''







Hot Coffee

An updated version from San Andreas Hot coffee-mod, that gives you the ability to start a sex minigame. The minigame should also include an achievement for having sex with a certain amount of people.

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That's completely true, I have actually seen that thread, but I thought that it simply was to much of everything in that thread.

My intention with this thread is to focus on sidemissions and minigames only. biggrin.gif


Also, all (at least most of them) suggestions and ideas will be posted/edited into the first post.

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It's a nice idea, but we don't need multiple wishlist topics, so just use the existing wishlist topic, unless there is a specific aspect which you wish to discuss.



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