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A few achievement questions...


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finally picked this game back up and started playing it again, smashed the cage fighting, seemed easy after learning the knack of melee counters in IV achievement.


A few small questions for you experts if you dont mind however, looking ahead at the achievements im doing a crap about the velvet rope and gold star ones. Im going to play throught doing my best (which doesn't seem to be very good average 50-80%) then revisit the missions. I have read somewhere that in order to get the achievement you dont need to complete the check-list in one sitting, but could do the mission several times, concentrating on the head shots, then the time etc etc what ever the criteria for that mission is, if this is the case then its not so bad, im going to do a crap in my pants if you have to do all the criteria in one sitting.


and secondly Freefall for the longest possible time. where do you jump from? my obvious guess would be the highest building in star junction area?


many thanks icon14.gif

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You don't need to do all the mission requirements in one attempt, they accumulate.

For adrenaline junkie you need to jump from a helicopter at max height and pull at the last second (doing it over water is recommended wink.gif )

There is however an easier option, - you can do it during the mission "This Ain't Checkers". In that mission you jump from higher than otherwise possible, so you don't need to risk going splat to get the achievement.

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ahhh of course helecopters! thanks gta phreak biggrin.gif


just out of interest what happens if you jump out a copter at the highest level without a shoot over water, do you splash or die?

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You can also do the jump from the mission High Dive. Just pull the cord before you splat.

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