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stucked at 99%


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Hi, i cant earn the 100%, and don't know what is missing.


My stats:


Rampage: 35/35

Hidden Packages: 100/100

Unique Stunt Jumps: 36/36

Vigilante: lvl 12

Taxi Driver: 100 fares

Paramedig: lvl 12

Firefighter: lvl 12

Rob stores: 15/15

Assasination Missions: 5/5

Pizza Boy: lvl 10

Icecream Distribution: 51

Dirtring: 7:57

RC Baron: 2:31

RC Bandit: 2:27

RC Raider: 6:39

Terminal Velocity: 0:59

Ocean Drive:1:14

Border Run:1:34

Capital Cruise:1:48

Tour!: 2:13

V.C. Endurance: 4:48

Downtown Chopper Checkpoint: 2:07

Ocean Beach Chooper Checkpoint: 2:03

Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint: 2:08

Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint: 2:09

PCJ Playground: 1:31

Cone Crazy: 0:31

Trial By Dirt: 2:19

Test Track: 2:19

Checkpoint Charlie: 2:06

Hotring: 1st place

Bloodring: 2 min

Properties: 15/15


and done all asset mission, pole position club too

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Have you earned 45 points at AmmuNation shooting range?

oh man you are a genius!!! i thought in the mission gunner i get it because i earnd 91 point thx thx thx

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Glad you were able to find this. I recall when i was in the same boat. I had to go online to look for a check list.. and then I found it... Ammunation 45 point requirement. It took me 3 tries to get it.

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