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San Andreas Riot


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Player can see the story of Zack Williams,a usual seller in Pizza Stack.One day,when he has just comeing back from work,he saw something strange going on streets.People are robbing,attacking each other and afraid of something.Then he listened to news and they said that "there is a riot on the streets,because of some attack".Zack and some other people are going to know what kind of attack it is,who's attacking San Andreas and stop the riot by defeating attack.



Zack Williams-Zack is a usual seller in Pizza Stack in Idlewood.He is not respected in the firm,so he is always a target for others' jokes.He wants to stop the riot.


No yet.



Drift-Kingz for his logo

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I don't wanna be a bitch or anything, but you've completely copied my way of writing the topic such as (Mission series status or writing the character description in the box.) And I can guess that the inspiration for the surname of your main character is from my character from the story ''The Forgotten'' Max Baxter.


It's not that it bothers me, the story looks cool, I will probably check out the missions, but sooner or later, someone will get that you copy the way of writing. My advice to you is that from the beginning you start your own way of writing and be unique biggrin.gif That's how your missions and topic will look cool and get more attention.


Anyway, good luck with the mission series, man biggrin.gif

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