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2-door cars and 4-door cars, and a truck...


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I have 88 car mods on my computer for GTA IV. I have about 70 of these in-game so far. But I have not found suitable replacements for most of the large trucks (got a great ambulance though...) and no extended cab pickups for the Contender. Can I just make the Contender into a '65 GTO or a '70 Chevelle or something? Is it going to cause problems because it has a trunk instead of a tailgate?


Another question, if I take a car that is normally a 2-door in-game (say a Buccanneer) and use a 4-door model (say, a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere) and change that one flag at the end of the handling line from 240000 to 440000 will it work as a 4-door car and allow all 4 doors to open and permit 4 people get in it? I know there's a 2-door '57 Plymouth but I have that set as the Voodoo. Just trying to use more 4-door models when possible.

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You can make any vehicle replace any vehicle (With exceptions to boats and helicopters); all you have to do is replace the original handling line and .ide line with the given one. If it doesn't come with a handling or .ide line take it from the car that it's supposed to replace.

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