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A Question of Communication


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YES MATE, Its Casino!!!


just a quick topic i havent seen anyone talk about on gtaforums but has any1 thought of the different ways the protagonist in the new GTA will communicate.


GTA IV (Niko) only got a phone and had access to the internet...ithink a payphone was used, but thats about it!


vvv SO HOW ABOUT vvv


Stuff you could prob walk around with:


-Mobile phone (Iphone, Blackberry, Smartphone etc.)

-Pager (maybe the first thing u get)

-Laptop and/or mini (in a back pack if you wana carry it or can be left at home)

-I/phone/pad (ye i know apple prob wont allow it)

-Walkie Talkies

-2 Ways



There could be shops dotted around the city to so that you can go and upgrade whatever device you want so:



= Primitive Mobiles (usually brick sized phones with a crappy ringtones and you can only recieve calls)


= Old School Mobiles (a bit smaller in size, annoying long arials, can take incoming and make calls)


= Affordable Mobiles (bluetooth, bit more stylish, change backgroud on fone, only can access the net thru wifi)


= Top Class (can access the internet on the phone, usually touch screen, bluetooth)



The same goes with the other stuff up there, obviously they would come at different prices


[What about monthly or PAYG phones...what if you were to run out of credit and then had to top up. Then when you had more money and a better phone you could pay monthly and the money is just deducted automatically over certain periods of times]


Public communication:


-Internet Shop

-Internet/Telephone Payphone


Also certain devices such as a smartphone could have earphone so that the protagonist didnt jus have to wait to get in a car to listen to the radio, he could just equipped and select the radio or music tracks while on foot and there you go...portability baby!


Add more pub comms, i cant think of S*** LOLOL


Let me know what you think guys as always...

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a laptop in your safehouse maybe, but all the other things have the same functionality of a mobile phone!!

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Do people still use pagers? I think it'd be better off if we stick to one smartphone/iPhone parody, and a laptop, with some computers around the city.


And was there really a point in announcing yourself?

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There's a laptop in the Alderney house (the second in-game house you share with Roman.)

I don't think they use pagers anymore.

Walkie Talkies may result hard to understand.

iPad isn't really a form of communication unless you use the internet (or facetime).

You get a mobile phone in the game.


No offense, but is this really important?


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