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We all know Grand Theft Auto 5 is

approaching. It's going to get here sooner or later. So let’s

put some money down! Bet against

your fellow forum members and prove

you were right!


user posted image


The rules go as followed:


1. Only one prediction per user.[/color]


Members who are caught creating

more than user will be disqualified.


2. Guess the location / time setting / and protagonist’s nationality[/color]


(Example: Liberty City – 2008 – Serbian)


3. If you work for Rockstar Games you cannot play.


(Sorry Scotty)


4. If you guess more than once city, in order to win, all cities must be included in GTA5


San Andreas = Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas


5. You need to guess the location(s), time period, and

protagonist’s nationality all correctly in order to win.


If there is a tie for first, second or third, then

all winners will receive the prize and bragging rights.


6. The game ends as soon as GTA5 is announced – or when genuine information is leaked.



user posted image

The top winners will get a badge

to put on their signature.


1st place – the ‘Chevy Chasegta5’ chip

2nd place – ‘Mr. Lucky’ chip

3rd place – the ‘Loser' chip






1st Place


user posted image

2nd Place


user posted image


3rd Place


user posted image






Place your bets!


•All logo's, with the exception of the titles, made by Narcis_Speed. Special thanks to him.

•Titles including 'The Introduction, The Rules, and The Winners' made by Rojo89. Viva la Rojo!

Edited by grope_4_that_date
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user posted image


* Try to be specific. 'White', 'Caucasian', '21st Century', 'Future', 'European' are too broad.


* Don't edit your post, otherwise I can accuse you of cheating. wink.gif


* Note: If you do change your submission, let me know, otherwise I won't know to change it.



Members Location(s) Time Setting Protagonist's Nationality
02fishera London 2012 British
abottig San Andreas Present Hispanic American
ACR Carcer City Present American
AdiosAmigos Chicago 2005 American
Adler Vice City 2010 Haitian
adrian949 Washington DC Present
ajrunke Vice City Mid 80's Italian American
akavari112 Los Santos Present Mexican
AnthMUFC-Champs Florida 2012 Columbian
aragond Cancer City Late 70s - Early 80s Hispanic American
ARSENALFC Washington DC 80s (Caucasian isn't a nationality)
asdzx Africa 2099 (Zebra isn't a nationality.)
awsomeking5 Chicago 2011 American
blitz. San Andreas 2001-Present American
BnB Los Santos 1989
bobgtafan Washington DC 70s
Brawly 2012 Jerry Kapowitz
brownbear Liberty City 1970s African-American
Bullit1990 Vice City 2009/2010 American
ChorusGuy Washington DC 1980s Hispanic
ChossenOne Cubalorida Present American
CookPassBabtridge San Andreas Present British
cosmicboy Vice City and a Caribbean Island 2012 American
craigtizzle Vice City Present African-American
CubA_iLL_BrothA San Andreas 2011 American
DannyBee London Present Irish
darrellmonks Vice City 2013 Hispanic
DawidZnawca Los Santos & Tijuana Present White American
DaWiesel San Andreas Present American
Death2Drugs San Andreas Present (multiratacial)
deepthraotgta6 San Andreas 2010 American
deli2000 San Andreas 2012 American
Denise Robinson Vice City Present Haitian
Der_Don Chicago 2011 African-American
DJ_McLovin Los Santos Present African-American
Dollarhide Texas 2010 American
DragonVsMonkey Vice City 2012 -
Drift-Kingz Chicago 1990s African-American
DS 17 San Andreas + Vice City Present Afro-American
DSMTuner Hawaii 2000s American
DTroll (BUSTED!) San Andreas 2012 Hispanic
DX2069 San Andreas Present Mexican/Asian Mix
EDDS San Andreas 2012 Asian
fgcarva1 Boston Present Irish
Filipenis Atlanta, Vice City, and Birmingham 2012 African American
finn4life Vice City 2010 Mexican
FiS!!HeR San Fierro 2000s American
fliplip Vice City Present American
flitskikker Los Santos 2012 Latin American
foohy Los Santos Present Irish
Forzum Los Santos & Las Venturas Present Irish-American
Freezer89 Vice City, Los Santos, Texas Present Irish-American
Godlike7 San Andreas Present American
goin-god Las Venturas 1970-Present American
grandtheftautovideogamer San Andreas 1990s White American/Italian
Grope_4_that_date Los Santos 2009 Mexican, but "Latino" mixed
gta9414 San Andreas Present African-American
gtafanny Midwest Present Irish-American
gtaftw69 Califronia Present African-American
_GTAFREAK_ San Andreas 1976 White American
GTAIndonesia San Andreas Present Native American
GTAL1fe San Andreas Present American
gtamachine Las Venturas 1970s Italian American
GTARandom Vice City and San Andreas Present Asian
GTA TROLL San Andreas Present African-American
gzam1312 Los Santos, Juarez 2012 Mexican
HeNDo6750 Las Venturas 1995 American
HERDIST San Andreas 1970s Jewish
Hobo-Lord Vice City 2005 Cuban
HoodbooH Vice City, Illonois & California Future Native American
Hurrikane Vice City Present Italian American
iGrandTheftAuto San Andreas 1990s-200s African American
iProtest San Andreas 2010 American Hispanic
ioN San Andreas Present Irish-American
Ispinetechno San Andreas, San Fierro Australian
Isuck100% Los Santos Present Latino American
Jd10 Hawaii 2012 African America
jdrandall38 Las Venturas & Vice City 1995-2000 Cuban
j.hunt San Andreas Present American
Jimbatron Vice City 2012 Irish-American
jmcc84 Los Santos 2012 American
jnzooger London, Paris, and Washington DC 1970s 'Western European'
John Cheese Mars 1901 Whale?
johnny_zoo Los Santos & San Fierro Present Korean
JOSEPH X Los Santos Present African American
junkpile Los Santos Present Mexican
Karoi San Andreas Present African American
KevinR1990 Los Santos Present Latino
Kid Grease San Andreas 2005 Mexican
Killer.Khan San Andreas 2012 Mexican
kizzck Vice City Present Serbian
kmanmx Vice City 2010 Eastern European
Kmeto 2 Las Venturas 2011 Italian-American
koyobelisa California Present Black American
Kratos2000 Vice City/ California 2010 Mexican
Kwandilibro The American South 2001-Present African-American/Afro Caribbean
kyeenn Las Venturas 2011 American
MCMetro (BUSTED!) San Andreas 2012 Hispanic
LCollusions Alaska Present American
LCstuntman Detroit 2012 African American
leik oh em jeez! Vice City "Late" 80s Cuban
Lemus 91 Los Santos Present Hispanic
Len Lfc Vice City Present American
Leve-O Las Venturas 2012 Native American
LEXTY Vice City 2010-2011 African American
Linki Las Venturas and Los Santos 2012 Spanish-American
Logish Vinewood (LS) 1990s Asian
LoveMediaExecutive Boston Late 80s-Late 90s Irish American
Lucas100 The United GTA States (all GTA's) 1945~1960 Irelandese
Luke_O_Zaid Los Santos Present Mexican
LulzAllDay San Andreas 2001 African American
MajorVienna Las Venturas 2012/2013 German
ManDog San Andreas 1970s-1990 African American
marexx Baltimore Present American
Marlowe. Los Santos & Las Venturas Present Hispanic
mati1501 Los Santos 2012 African American
MELODICA Massachusetts 1997 American
Memphys Washington D.C. 2012 Native American
Mikey_Navaja Chicago Present Puerto Rican (US born)
ministryman Vice City 2010-2012 American
MissCloud San Andreas 2010 White American/Italian
Mr.Boonya New City Present American
Mr_Clifton Los Santos Present Mexican-American
Mr.c TO the J Vice City Present American
mrmojo_prime Los Santos 2012 Latin American (Female)
Mr White0161 Vice City Present Italian
MuseManAzzy Hawaii 1988 African-American
MyDog Vice City Present Hispanic
N2gether69 Los Santos and Hawaii 90s Japanese American
NickA92 San Andreas Present Latino
Niko_Vercetti7 - 2010-2011 -
NonRetard Red Dead Redemption 2012 Native American
NonToXIC Las Venturas 2012 American
Noob_Noobersson LA/Mexico/wilderness Present American
NotoriousKiller San Andreas 2012 Chicano
NumberOneCOHEN Los Santos 2010 Armenian
NYC PATROL Chicago/Detriot Present American
OchyGTA San Andreas Present Mexican
okei Bronina, Poland 1910s 100 metre hurdle
Original Light San Andreas 2009-2012 American
Ottae Los Santos Present East Asian
PacketOVerload_x64Bit Las Venturas + Liberty City Present (Packie)
Pagelzilla Los Santos 2012 Hispanic
pdbq Los Santos 1990s African American
Phazar London 2010 British
PHCharls San Andreas 2015 Japanese
PrometheusX Los Santos Present White American
PublicAnenome Bogota + Vice City 1977-1983 Scottish
pVuyc Los Santos & Vice City 1970s Latin American
RED_ San Andreas 2010 South American
Rede Hawaii 2012 Pacific Islander
R.F. Vice City 2000s British
rmisdice LC, VC, and SA Present White is not a nationality.
Roland of Gilead San Andreas Present Hispanic-American
ryan_J Hastings, England 1066 Saxon
S2580 Florida State Present Irish-American
Sandboxfreak San Andreas 2009 Hispanic-American
Sapstar Wyoming Present Native American
Scube909 Hawaii N/A N/A
sd13killer San Andreas Present American
Sean_R_LFC San Andreas Present African-American
Senex Iunior Las Venturas Present Amerindian
sf15 Los Santos Present American
shayanshaffrey Los Santos Present White American
sibs44 Boston Present Irish-American
Slamman Los Angeles & Vegas Present (Caucasian isn't a nationality.)
Soomersault San Andreas 1985 (Tommy Vercetti)
sure shot Vice City 2004-2010 African-American
skillz7855 Los Angeles Present Hispanic
SlickSpencer8 San Andreas 2001 - 2100
smaisey Vice City 1980s Italian American
Snake Without a Tongue Los Angeles 2000s -
sonnyBlack Las Venturas 1970s Italian American
sqre Vice City/Cuba Present Cuban
StarFyer Vice City 1970s
Staten (Red Dead Redemption) Present
straxi1234 Vice City 1980s European
T0mmy Vercetti Las Venturas Present American
TargetTango Vice City Present Cuban (Hispanic)
TellEmRye Vice City Present African-American
tenfold Cancer City Pesent -
TheCacti Vice City and mult. Islands Present Latino
TheDru1d Los Santos, San Fierro and Tijuana 2002ish Columbian
ThePinkFloydSound San Andreas 1980s American/Unknown
The_Truth_is_Out_There San Andreas Present White American
tinman187 Vice City 1988-1990 Latino
TommyMufc-Champs London Present British
Toup Detroit 2000-2015 British
Trance Lance Vance Los Santos 2004 Brazilian
Travis93 Washington DC, Boston, and Philedelphia 2012 Irish
TreyCrll Los Santos 2010-2012 African American
TruXter Vice City Future (Tommy Vercetti)
Turin88 Vice City 2012 Jewish-American
Tyla London 1970s/1980s British
valensim Vice City 2012 Mexican/Puerto Rican
VercettiGroveRussian San Andreas/Vice City 2012 Irish American
visionist Las Venturas 1977 American
Waterboy_Dave Washington DC 2010-2012 African
Wenis IV Los Santos Present Hispanic
Westey Los Santos Present Jamaican
WF the Hobgoblin Los Santos 2012 (Caucasian) American
WhistleBlower Los Santos 1997 White American
whittle13 Miami, Bahamas, Cuba Present Jamaican
WillTay Washington DC Present White American
Wolfmight San Andreas Present Mexican
WOSWootz San Andreas 2005-2008 White American
XTREME0235 Vice City 1980s Eastern European
xUSMC SSGTx San Andreas 2012 Hispanic
yaboisly Florida Base City Present French
YungLive201 Capitol City 2007-2008 White American
zeppelincheetah Boston, Dubai, Hong Kong Present American
zombiesandsunshine a "new, fictional city" (East Coast of US) 2012-2015 French
zoo3891 Atlanta, GA 2012 African-American
Edited by grope_4_that_date
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Okay then, "Batter Up!"


My prediction


• Location: Vice City

• Time Setting: 1980s

• Protagonist's Nationality: Eastern European (Russian and German etc).


But this protagonist's second language is English.

Edited by XTREME0235
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My Prediction


- Location: Chicago

- Time Setting: 90's.

- Protagonist's Nationality: African-American.


@grope_4_that_date: You spelt my username wrong...




Edited by Drift-Kingz
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My prediction


• Location: San Andreas

• Time Setting: Modern

• Protagonist's Nationality: African American

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Location: San Andreas

Time period: Present Day

Protag nationality: Mexican

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London, Paris, Washington DC

Late 1970s

White protag (Either British or French)

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You will have a lot of editing for one post by the looks of it.

I hope your all set for it, good luck. bored.gif

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More of a hope than a bet, but it's the only thing that's been coming to mind.


• Location: Las Venturas

• Time Setting: 1970s

• Protagonist's Nationality: Italian American

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My predictions:


Location: London

Time Setting: 2012 Olympics

Protagonist Nationality: British

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Location: San Andreas

Time: Present Times

Protagonist: White

White isn't a nationality. Choose something else and I'll put ya up.

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Location: San Andreas = Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas

Time Setting: 21st Century

Protagonist Nationality: American (No specification.)


I'd rather have it in London, but I'm going with reality in this one.


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Location: East Coast U.S, new fictional city unrelated to previous releases.

Year: 2012-2015

Nationality: multiple leads, both male & female. most likely caucasian/french.

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LOCATION: Carcer City

TIME: Present

PROTAGONIST: African-Caucasian from US (father african, mother caucasian or vice versa)

user posted image
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Location: The American South

Time Period: The last ten years

Protagonist: African American/Afro Caribbean

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Location: Vice City, New Orleans and Havana = lets call it Cubalorida! (for now)

Time Period: Present

Protagonist: 23 year old Swedish girl wink.gif....I wish sad.gif really though, Mid 20's, male, black, southern (US)


Edited by ChossenOne
user posted image
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Ok this sounds fun. smile.gif


Location: Vice City

Time Period: present day

Protag:35-ish year old Caucasian male

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Snake Without a Tongue

Location: Los Angeles

Time Period: 2000's

Protagonist: Some criminal dude


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Location: San Fierro

Time Setting: 2000s.

Protagonist's Nationality: American

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Location: VC + SA

Time Setting: Modern

Protagonist's Nationality: Latin/Carribean

Edited by cosmicboy
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Mister Pink

Location: San Fierro and Las Venturas

Setting: 1980's

Nationality: Vague or unknown like Niko. If I'm to bet though, he'll be from a region, somewhere from a small town in the U.S.

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