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Windows 7 users,try this


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2.Minimize it by pressing the Windows button.

3.Start taskmanager and select processes,find GTAIV.exe/EFLC.exe

4.Right click on the process and choose "Set affinity"

5.Check all the boxes.

6.Go back to your game and see if there's any changes to performance.

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There is no way this changes performance at all, since what you're telling us to do is to set affinity to all cores... I don't know if you noticed but affinity is by default set to all cores.


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The game's lost it's appeal to me. Mainly because of the horrible performance issues. Not being able to get atleast 30FPS with an E5200, 5770 1GB and 4GB of RAM at 1024x768 really is a downer.


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I highly doubt that this would work, I wouldn't do it. Don't really need to anyway biggrin.gif

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