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'Awesome' mission failures.


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Post the awesome mission failures there.


Not the kind where you simply get shot by enemies...the truly unusual failures!




I just had one recently:

High Dive(TBoGT)

Driving Yusuf's car, i drive to the marker peacefully, after which Luis always exits out of the car so that you can enter the Rotterdam tower. So he gets out, closes the door and...a traffic car bumps into me, making me fall over to the right, in front of Yusuf's car...and Yusuf proceeds to crush me under his wheels. Mission failed.


To sum up - He automatically got out of the car, got hit by a traffic car, ended up landing in front of Yusuf's car and died under its wheels. I got this recorded using Clip Capture, hopefully it captured the whole thing.


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I can't remember which mission it was (maybe Dropping in?), but it was one where you had to parachute onto a building... needless to say, I accidentally press Y and cut off my parachute. I laughed as I dropped to my death tounge.gif .


How I love parachutes... not just because they are a fun addition to gameplay, but because they provide so many opportunities for funny deaths and mission failures.

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During "Dropping In" you have unlimited parachutes, - so you could just have deployed a new one wink.gif

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I nearly failed the mission "Dropping In" because when I jumped out of the window of the office building I missed the landing on the truck, I got in the truck and suddenly 3 car loads of enemies showed up, I tried to shoot them from the cab of the truck but nothing would happen so I got out of the truck and suddenly the background wouldn't load up properly and the game began to start to lag, everything started going in slow motion and I managed to kill the enemies with a couple of grenades from my grenade launcher.


A mission that I did fail on was "Departure Time". I got onto Bulgarin's jet and had 1 enemy left untill Bulgarin would come out, I had a tiny fraction of health left and guess what happened? Yes Luis jumped out of cover for no reason and got shot by the last enemy. So close!



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During Blog This I was so concentrated on locating the apc I forgot to open my chute and went smack into the ground.




Not a mission failure but I had just finished a mission when I was shot to death by person walking in the street his wasn't even an enemy.

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there's one not so awesome but it shocked me in sort of way xD



in the main gta iv missions, i went into a wall and when i was taking cover, some guy shoots me, but the body fell to the floor very cool, the i zoomed in the head and saw a big puddle of blood, it shocked meh wow.gif because i saw niko's eyes closing xD

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil...



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


user posted image


user posted image

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Dropping in -

I killed the first set of enemies, then went to kill those waiting for you in the elevator (where you have to jump down), i shot both of them, but i failed to notice there was a guy right next to me hidden behind a barrel, he took off my last bit of health and then i watched in slow motion as Luis fell down and joined the other 2 corpses. lol.gif



Clocking off - Failed this one like 20 times, best one was this:


I shot H in the leg with my desert eagle once, while doing the mission because i was bored, he fell down then just didnt move for a while, and 10 seconds later i failed the mission because he died.

(Maybe R* wanted it to be so real that he just died there because of heavy bleeding. lol.gif)



And here's the cake...


Caught with your pants down - proceeded as normal to Star Junction, accidentally got chopped by Swift's blades. Had to wait for the looooong slow motion flight to end. I will never try jumping near a chopper again...just to be sure. cry.gif

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Blog this... I couldn't find the Celebrinator at first so I missed him, landed on the ground and was like "f*ck, now I gotta wait for him to splatter... and retry" so he falls right on top of me splattering right in front of me... it was actually pretty funny because it scared the crap out of me.




Dropping in, I kill everyone, before I jump out of the building I go around picking up ammo that is on the ground when Luis walks out of the window, since he didn't jump he hit the side of the building and spun out not allowing me to pull the chute.


Second attempt: I made it but after I killed everyone I was picking up ammo again when suddenly 532132 guys come from the stairs and shoot me with MP 10's I'm like "f*ck" then I just jump out making it with by health blinking red...

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