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Easiest way to take an Enforcer of FIB Buffalo


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Hi there, I was messing around with Law Enforcement last night (Ive only unlocked Bohan so far on my second playthrough) and decided to try something which I was pretty sure would work. All you need is an already stolen Police car and preferably an SMG or Uzi.


Enforcer: Shoot a cop and then wait until the thin blue line arrives in numbers. Jump in your Cop Car, and shoot enough of them to recieve a 4-Star Wanted rating- the car should offer more protection than on foot. Access the Police Computer, and view current crimes- you need to keep logging off the computer and log on again until you see a current crime that mentions "criminal on foot...", as this is the easiest and quickest vigilante to complete. Now, speed off towards the criminal's location, hopefully with the Police in tow. The S.W.A.T vans should be somewhere in the vicinity (bear in mind, I haven't unlocked Algonquin yet on my current savefile, and as far as I can tell, you CANNOT get the FIB on your tail before Algonquin UNLESS you use the roadblock-jumping 6-Star method.) reach the scene of the crime as quickly as you can (remember, you only have to get to the point where the timer has disappeared and it tells you to eliminate all suspects). All you have to do is wait until an Enforcer turns up to join the already massive pile of cop cars- make sure you can see it- and just run over the suspect until he is dead (infact when I was experimenting with this most of the time the Cops killed the suspect themselves because of their godawful driving!) You probably take a lot of car damage doing this, because of the ramming you recieve, but the most important thing is that your wanted level dissappears immediately when you complete the vigilante. The hoard of cop cars should still be there and about to drive off, as well as the Enforcer. Now, there are two ways you can approach this- risking the wrath of the N.O.O.S.E guys inside when you steal the van, or the fun, and much less risky way.


The fun way is to follow the van as is drives off, and drive infront of it. Wait until a few cars appear behind the Enforcer, walk up to the queue, and push the doors of a few of them. With any luck, a couple of the occupants will jump out to have a word with you lol.gif Wait until you recieve a couple of punches and the N.O.O.S.E guys will jump out (which is absolutely hilarious in itself, seeing a random taxi driver being held with an M4 inches away from his nose just because he punched somebody!). You could just steal the van here and now while the guys are out, or you could wait for a funny glitch to occur. If the pedestrian runs off, the N.O.O.S.E guys will run after him (in crouched position of course) however, if you walk away for a bit and turn around, they will have disappeared completely. It is a weird glicth which ALSO works for the Police Officers and FIB guys (provided you don't have a wanted level) as well as any pedestrian being aggressive towards you. Take the van without so much as a single gunshot from the N.O.O.S.E guys.


Of course, you could probably take the van as soon as the guys jump out to arrest the ped, because they wouldn't shoot you on 1-Star anyway. But I thought I would share the glitch with you, hopefully somebody can shed some more light on it as it keeps happening on my game.


FIB Buffalo- This is obviously a lot more difficult as the FIB on 5 or 6 stars are the equivalent of the Rhinos on the old games- albeit Rhinos that do not even need to touch your car to blow it up instantly. If you have unlocked every island, then the obvious way to do this is by logging on to the illegal website and hoping that the FIB do show up. If you HAVEN'T unlocked every island, then the way to go is by the roadblock jumping/shooting method, since you CANNOT get the FIB on your case until you unlock Algonquin UNLESS you attack a roadblock. For this to work, you MUST have a fast Cop Car- not the Patriot or even the Enforcer, as much punishment as it can take it is not completely bulletproof and will be shredded eventually by the SMG fire. I used a Police Patrol, as it seems to have better acceleration and handling than the Cruiser, even if it is slower at top speed.


Drive to the Police Roadblock you have chosen, and access the Police computer. Keep accessing the current crimes section until you see "criminal on foot". Now, start the vigilante and quickly shoot one of the guys at the roadblock. You will now have 6 Stars so you need to speed away, making sure to be quick around the corners, looking behind you at all times to check for the black cars of instant death. Your cornering here is crucial, because if one of those Chargers gets on your tail, you can't stay in it's line of fire for too long. Saying that, you probably won't evade the Feds completely, but you need not worry because as long as you manage to reach the criminal your car's health doesn't matter too much. You need to make sure that there is an FIB Buffalo nearby, and then run over the criminal. You will lose your wanted level immediately and the pursuing Police vehicles will now drive off, including the Buffalo. All you have to do is follow it, and drive infront of it. Using the above method, you should push a few car doors of the traffic behind, and wait for a ped to jump out and punch you. The Feds will jump out to arrest the ped, which is, again, hilarious. Jump in the car and drive off. The Feds WILL NOT SHOOT on a 1-Star wanted level.


Just a few notes here:


- You CAN do vigilante in the Enforcer. Just start a vigilante mission in another Cop Car and then jump into the SWAT Van, the game still registers it as a Police Car and you can carry on from there- making it brilliant for later on when you get Dwayne's guys, you can jump in the SWAT Van and complete a Most Wanted mission feeling like a proper N.O.O.S.E team.


- When I did this last night, I don't know whether it is because of the above "police disappearing" glitch or what, but whenever I stopped the FIB Buffalo I noticed that there was only ONE agent inside. The most likely scenario is that they had jumped out to shoot me with their M4s, but dissappeared when I completed the vigilante because of the above Police dissappearing glitch.


- The FIB Agents are completely silent no matter what they do. The best thing for me was getting a taxi driver arrested by the Agent, seeing him with an M4 in his face and the agent doesn't even say a word lol.gif


- You can use this method to not only get Feds and NOOSE to arrest peds, but also to engage in shootouts with gang members- just use the methods you normally use to get the Cops to start shootouts with gangsters. Put it this way, I saw a Russian gangster take on the NOOSE team last night... he lasted all of 15 seconds wink.gif


Concluding, I know there are other methods of obtaining the two vehicles, from missions for example, or simply taking them from roadblocks on high wanted levels, but I thought this was the most interesting method, and also the most hassle-free. And besides, you can have ENDLESS fun manipulating the NOOSE or FIB guys to arrest and attack peds.

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If you HAVEN'T unlocked every island, then the way to go is by the roadblock jumping/shooting method, since you CANNOT get the FIB on your case until you unlock Algonquin UNLESS you attack a roadblock.

Just to add to that:

Attacking a roadblock (to a locked area of the game) doesn’t always get the FIB to appear. Also, the FIB Buffalo appears with a 4-Star Wanted too. FIB shows up about as often with a 4-Star Wanted Level as they do with a 6-Star Wanted Level:

FIB: about 10% to 15% of the time.

N.O.O.S.E: about 85% to 90% of the time.

That’s an average based on my experience.


It’s a lot easier to acquire the FIB Buffalo with a 4-Star Wanted Level; the FIB officers aren’t nearly as aggressive as they are with a 6-Star Wanted Level.

Just trigger the 4-Star Wanted Level by accessing the airport runway a few times until you get the FIB to appear, instead of N.O.O.S.E..

That can be done from the very beginning of the game too.


Also, the current street crimes can’t be accessed on the police CAD until after the mission Crime and Punishment. However you can use the Most Wanted criminals for that same technique. All 30 of the Most Wanted criminal are available on the CAD from the very beginning of the game, provided that you manually type their name(s) on the keyboard.


Hope that helps. smile.gif


Here’s a video I made where the FIB appeared with a 4-Star Wanted Level at the airport, and Algonquin was still locked (no cheats and no mods):


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Thanks for adding some extra info, I really appreciate it.


I had been experimenting with wanted levels in Broker and Bohan for a few weeks now (without unlocking Algonquin) and after endless numbers of cop chases I honestly believed you couldn't get the FIB on 4 stars before Algonquin (I guessed it would be in keeping with trying to keep difficulty moderately low to begin with, since the Enforcers are quite easy to escape from in the typical GTA tradition whereas the Buffalos chase you doggedly). But maybe I wasn't trying the right cars/areas. I might have a few tries tonight at the airport, fingers crossed.


Oh and I should have mentioned that you need to have unlocked vigilante first, but it goes without saying really.

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