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Best Covers You've Heard.

Mafia Drive Gunner

Recommended Posts

Mafia Drive Gunner

Basically, I'm sure there are a lot of great covers of originals that you may have heard. Some of them are pretty awesome.


So if you can find them on the web, put 'em up so we can have a look.


So pretty this is my inspiration. Australia youth radio station Triple J does a segment called 'Like A Version' where an artist (generally an Aussie or an artist currently touring), comes in and does a cover of their choice. There have been some absolute crackers over the years.


Here's one of my favourites, from last year, was pretty funny actually.


Sarah Blasko performing Outkast's 'Hey Ya'.




And the original.



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John Denver's cover of 'Let it Be' by the Beatles is absolutely amazing.






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Worst cover: Metallica's Tuesday's Gone. No Justice for all there.



and the original classic



The best is is probaly Johnny Cash's Hurt



the original



My favourite cover is GNR's Knockin On Heaven's Door



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Kreator's cover of Sisters of Mercy's "Lucreatia, My Reflection".



Fear Factory's version of Gary Numan's "Cars".



And FFDP's version of Bad Company's "Bad Company".


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One of my favourite covers and songs ever.

Gary Jules - Mad World (orig. by Tears for Fears)


(and the Wise Guys cover is great, too)


Jose Gonzalez - Teardrop (orig. by Massive Attack)



Peter Gabriel - My Body Is a Cage (orig. by Arcade Fire)




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LOL at Katy Perry, Guns N Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fear Factory, and Five Finger Death Punch. Those bands suck hard, it's trendy so-called "music" for preteens and housewives.


As for covers... well... I know of a few... Don't worry, these following bands are for real...


Cover of "20 Buck Spin" by Pale Divine, awesome cover...



And the original song...



Aaaah... such a relief to hear GOOD music, not the tripe that the mass media pushes.

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Vanilla Shake

Velvet Revolver - "Can't Get It Out of My Head" (originally by Electric Light Orchestra)


Stone Temple Pilots - "Dancing Days" (originally by Led Zeppelin)


Stone Temple Pilots - "Revolution" (originally by The Beatles)


Stone Temple Pilots - "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" (originally by The Doors)


Green Day - "Working Class Hero" (originally by John Lennon)


The Doors - "Gloria" (originally by Them)



There's more I know of, just gotta remember them.

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Woah, Scott Weiland loves his covers. Aside from that, I also heard Foo Fighters were gonna be doing a covers album sometime?





Not as good as the original, but still a pretty decent listen like. Ignore the first couple seconds of Ask Me Anything.

Edited by mark-2007
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SLEEP's cover of Black Sabbath's "Lord Of This World"



Blue Cheer's cover of The Rolling Stones' legendary "Satisfaction"


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It actually me an embarrassing amount of time to find out that The Futureheads' song Hounds of Love was actually a Kate Bush cover:


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The Scrubs version that Toup mentioned was actually released as a full track by Ted's Band (The Blanks):




As much as I love The Blanks cover of Hey Ya!, my favorite would have to be Feeder's rendition of The Power Of Love, originally sung by Frankie Goes To Hollywood:


Feeder Version:







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  • 4 months later...

I'll embed some YT later, but this I'd get in on as well with METALLICA's BREADFAN


A band most noted for taking inside info (Lars Ulrich) and creating BLISTERING originals of songs known from the original NWOBHM that American audiences were just not familiar with, and as such, thought Metallica were showcasing their own new music!


This happens a lot, and while being tricked, the band can't be faulted when they do it masterfully. Some cases, each cover presents a worthy take on a song, There are plenty of them, so I think this thread has plenty of life as such... Let's brainstorm a bit more ppl!

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Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor) covering Joy Division's Dead Souls




and Queen's Get Down Make Love



RATM covering The Stooges' Down on the Street



Marilyn Manson covering Tainted Love (can't remember who did the original)





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Tainted Love - Soft Cell was a cover if that's what you're thinking.




I saw an interview with Gloria Jones a few years ago and she said the Soft Cell cover was better than her version.



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Disturbed did a pretty decent cover of Tears For Fears' "Shout".




Here's another good cover by a British group I've never even heard of -- Escala.




And this is the original song they covered, just in case you haven't already gathered:



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Reminds me... Our/THE REAL Disturbed covered BOC's Tattood Vampire, in live sets, but they also covered the mighty Celtic Frost when John Swett played guitar in the band, evidence...





Not known World wide, but someday, since I am dedicated to spreading the name of Earl Root in his honor, keep the man and band's legacy alive.


One of the Root of All Evil traditions was a special metal radio show of ALL COVERS and since he passed away, Tim H who co-hosted for many a year, continues it annually in a show aptly titled Cover Your Ears

It covers all covers we can muster in a 5 hour span of music, with NO commercial air play! Unprecedented!


In the rock genre again... TESLA, a band out of Sacramento California, you may have heard of, struck sonic gold with Little Suzi. A song that is again, a cover, an obscure Simon Philips band called Ph.D! It took forever for me to find this info.


Black Crowes cover of John Lennon's Jealous Guy is one of the all-time best, if you ask me. TRULY, because I did hear their version first, but I went back and got a Lennon Best of and then found his melancholy version at slower tempo felt like the Unplugged one, it was again genius




Edited by Slamman
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Gotsta have Motorhead covered by Sepultura, I saw the classic lineup close their show with this in grand style at Metalfest in Milwaukee!



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  • 11 months later...




Here are two different Elvis covers that seem to keep popping up when I have my MP3 player on random.


The Cramps - Jailhouse rock.



Devo - Don't be Cruel. For some reason the person who posted this vid put three songs on it - skip to 3:25 for "Don't be Cruel" - it's worth it.


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Good stuf, trip.


I'm quite fond of what Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross do.



Original by Led Zeppelin.



And this counts, right? tounge.gif

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