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Timecyc.dat shadows


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Ok so I really want to know which parameter is used to define how dark should be the shadows.


I can't play with gamma parameter because if I make that lower than 1.0 the graphic quality will look washed out (like a white overlay in front of the camera).

If I change "Color Add" parameter, it'll change the color of the shadows (for example you can set it to grey, but it won't make it better, it'll look retarded (same washed out thing).

Also I can play with "Mid Grey Value" parameter, like if I set it to a rediculosly high number, the shadows will be lighter, however the whole world (including the sky) will be very very bright. In fact the sky will turn so white, you can't actually change it blue.


I know some1 knows the answer, so please reply if you know.

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Ambient Color0 and Ambient Color1 have multipliers, that control the brightness of the shadows (Ambient Color0 is for ground shadows mainly, Ambient Color1 is more for the shadows of vertical things like buildings' sides). Note: the brightness for the colors you choose determine opacity or something like that (not brightness). I don't know how you made a timecyc. mod and didn't know about this. mercie_blink.gif

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I know those parameters, but


Ambient Color 0 stands for how much glow should be on the ground (I have it on 1.0, any value under 1.0 makes the shadows under the car look bright (it disappears when you go into a shadowed area)


Ambient Color 1 stands for the enviroment lighting (like building's sides and car's sides, I have this parameter on 8 (which is quite high, and if you increase this number further the car's side will be much lighter than it's top, which is unrealistic, since the sun light comes from the top of the sky)


Ambient Color 2 stands for the sun's lighting, or power (I also have this on 8, if I reduce this parameter the same thing will happen I mentioned above in ambient color 1)


I'll try to post pictures about it later.






"Ambient Color 1" set on "8"





(notice how the car's side is almost glowing while those shadows are rediculosly dark)


"Ambient Color 1" set on "13"





(after changing to 13 the car's side is ruined, it's glowing like it was lit by a lamp or something)



Also before patch (I think) you could use the "sky top color" parameter to modify the darkness of the buildings, but now if you don't have that parameter on pitch black, you'll have the noise filter from TLAD. (grainy graphics)

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I don't know what your saying the problem is but what I see is that you have inconsistent lighting.


It looks like this



Make Ambient Color 0 & 1 have about the same multiplier value.



Or better yet have shadows that aren't pure black (they should be about the same color as the sky and also use a value similar to the Sky multiplier, that's just how I do it though).



Sorry if you like having black shadows on the ground while having buildings and peds that don't look pure black, it just doesn't work well in GTA IV and it isn't realistic. However now you can really mess with the gamma from the last step, where you can get a better dark shadow effect if you want http://min.us/mb2f78t8ZwWf1c#1, which looks much better than what was started out with.


And Sky Top Color controlled fog opacity (blue value only).

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The problem is if I increase ambient color 0 the whole world will look a bit blurry. If I have that value very low, the sun's lightning will look sharp and bright like it should be.

Here's a picture of what I want to achieve.


As you can see the shadow next to the car is light, however what's under the car is pitch black (since it's close to the ground and it blocks most of the sunshine to enter. Also when you wanna create a cloudy / rainy / foggy weather you need to (well I want to) disable shadows, since there's no sun, only ambient lighting.

Here once again this picture shows how there are no shadows at all when the clouds are blocking the sun, only shadows under the different objects, which blocks light.



EDIT: Also I realised if I increase ambient color 0 it'll make the shadows under the objects darker (that's why you can actually disable undercar shadows by turning ambient color 0 to a value like 0.5

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By "blurry" you mean a lot of bloom? If so bloom power = Intensity Bloom (0=no bloom), bloom blurriness = BP Threshold (0=most blurry, 1=not blurry). GTA IV doesn't have ambient occlusion (it has a pseudo-ambient occlusion effect directly under cars, peds' feet and some bridges though), so the first picture can't be accomplished.


The second picture's effect can be accomplished: set the Direct Color multiplier to zero. If everything is too dark then your Ambient Color multipliers' values were already too low to begin with; increase them. There still wont be the ambient occlusion effect you wanted but you can somewhat emulate it by making the Direct Color multiplier a number slightly higher than zero, here's an example

Direct Color multiplier = 0 Direct Color multiplier = 1

its hard to notice when not in motion unless you flip through the pictures back and forth.


That's all I got.

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Ah thanks that helped me a lot. Also another thing I just noticed if I turn off shadows completely I get like 40-60 fps while with shadows I get 22-40, and it doesn't actually look bad without shadows, not even at sunny biggrin.gif I think I'll just increase my ambient color 0 to get darker underthecar shadows, and leave the shadows off. It already looks kickass in rainy weather, plus average 50 fps always puts a smile on your face biggrin.gif Thanks for the help

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Okay well I really don't want to open a new thread for another question, so any1 knows which parameter is used for the horizon? I want to be able to change the color and the height of it.

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Unknown 5 controls the sky horizon gradient height (0=tallest).


RGB values for it come in pairs one for the east of the sky another for west, what Edit IV calls them is wrong.


Red=Red Sky & Sprite Size (Add Red Sky is the true main red sky value, confusing I know)

Green=Global Multiplier & Refl From Water

Blue=Ambient Occlusion Scaler & Particle HDR


I don't remember which are for east or west but those are the pairs. It's better to give the pairs the same values or else the farclip fog color will not blend well with the opposite side of the sky.


I should try to write a guide on this, I keep having to go back and look this stuff up.

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Damn I always used add red, green and blue to define the color of the sky. If I change green and blue my sky will have another color as well. Also I bet I have unknown 5 on like 999 lol, cuz I can't see any horizon. Thanks will try those.


EDIT: Well bad news, I set it to 0 and no change at all. Is there a multipler for it?

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I'm a little confused about what you said, Add Red, Sky Green and Sky Blue control the top color of the sky, these values are very important.

Those pairs I gave out are multipliers in their own right (they modify the bottom color according to the top color), but Brightness Sky is the master intensity multiplier for the bottom of the sky (if set to 0, the sky wont have the gradient effect).


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