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GFX Request for a DLC Concept


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I am making a DLC CONCEPT for Liberty city in year 2009 and have named it as "GTA-LIBERTY GANGSTAS". I want to a few GFX on headings, hud and logo and a radar. This would be having a combination of SA Style and GTAIV. I am basically be needing things like headings such as- Liberty City in 2009, storyline, characters, weapons, vehicles, facilities, safe houses & Gameplay. I would like someone to please suggest these. The font can your own choice and it should a mixture of light blue & white or light green & white. If you want then feel free to put shadow effects with bold lining on the letters. And as for the hud it can be made with a combination of light green and light blue or in TBOGT style. The weapons are same as San andreas and i would like changes on health bar or armour texts. And lasting I hope for all good with the request. Regards

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Well thanks to both of you Narcis_Speed6 and UNRATED69. I liked the logo by unrated 69 so i shall be using it and the Narcis the rest of headings are cool and i shall use them and radar to. Narcis, can you make a GTAIV Radar map's pic fully in the colour which you used in radar? I shall use SAN ANDREAS WEAPONS so any ideas on weapon hud please?

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