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Drive Felony Mod 1.0


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By BR_Goianiense

Version: 1.0

Released: 03/22/2011


- If you commit a traffic felony and a cop spots you doing so, you get a 1 star wanted level.


- Needs HazardX's .net scripthook version 0.891 or later. -> http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=392325


- xLiveLess or HazardX's YASIL. -> http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=388658 (xLiveLess)










Place the files DriveFelony.net.dll and DriveFelony.ini into the scripts folder within the game directory.




Change the values inside DriveFelony.ini to control the mod behavior.




DisplayMessage=0 -> 1 means a message will appear whenever you do a traffic felony, 0 means it won't. P.S.: A message will ALWAYS appear when a cop SPOTS you doing a traffic felony.


The next 8 lines should be set in the .ini file to turn on or off what should be considered a traffic felony. Set it to 1 to mean that if you do that, the cops are going start a pursuit, 0 means the cops won't bother to chase you.






HitObjectFelony=1 -> stuff like posts and garbage cans.





SpeedLimit=60 -> in mph. Anytime a cop sees you driving faster than that - and if you have SpeedingFelony set to 1 - he'll start a pursuit.


PoliceCarCanDoFelonies=1 -> 1 means that if you're driving a police car you can do all sorts of traffic felonies and walk away with that. 0 means the cops will chase a police car like if it is a common car.

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Request to delete this topic. It should be located at MOD Showroom (sorry). Don't move it, since a topic for this mod is already there.

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