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Problem with .dff files


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Here is the problem:


I am trying to make area 69 bigger (only underground). It's the first time I model for GTA SA, so I started with something small (removing a window). I exported a51_genroom.dff from gta3.img. I converted a51_genroom.dff to a .3ds file with 3d object converter, imported it into 3ds max 2011 (removed a window), I exported it into a .3ds file. Opened it with Zmodeler (3d object converter cant export to .dff), exported to a .dff file and imported it into the game. I started the game, and when I get close to area 69 it crashes. I tried to open the .dff file again with zmodeler and 3d object converter, but both of the programs said it was a invalid file.


What should I do


- I use 3ds max 2011 (Kam's script doesn't work for some reason)

- I use Zmodeler 2 (registered version)

- I tried Gmax, but the script doesn't work with that program either

- Yes I tried to install the script correctly (C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011)

- Textures will be done later

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Probobly something with collision,since you were editing the map.

If not then I really dont know...

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Problem solved, the name of the object in the dff file was the wrong name.

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