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GTA IV not installing correctly. IM UPSET.


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I just recently downloaded GTA IV for the pc, from gamestop.com .After about 5 1/2 hours of downloading nervous.gif , I get prompted through the Installshield Wizard Installation process, and immediately recieve a notification that "Your system is incompatible with Grand Theft Auto IV".

I am running off of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I have a system that has run large games like Oblivion and the sorts. I am not sure how to continue with dealing with this issue, as the link they they "provide" below the error message is dead (meaning that I can click it, but it doesnt do anything).


Please help me solve this problem! I know you geniuses are out there, reading this!


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I took a look at Oblivion's minimum requirements. They are nothing compared to the requirements that GTA IV needs. Can you tell us your full system specs?


PS. GTA IV isn't a game where you could say something like "Oh I can run games like Black Ops @ 60 FPS at max 1080p so I should be able to run IV at max at 60 FPS" the PC version of this game is basically the console version running off a emulator, and it is insanely buggy as well.

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