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HELP keyboard


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my keyboard just changed wenn i was playing from danish to english how do i fix this?




Ps: have windows XP


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Do you mean the language in the game? If so, then you change the language from the Options menu.

If that is not what you mean, then please be more specific and post your problem in detail.

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i was just playing GTA sa then my keyboard just changed to english keyboard. I was not in game options and have not chancede anything. It just happened while I was playing

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Is your game Downloaded (from where) or Original DVD in drive?

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Please be more specific and post screen shots of the problem. Is this an issue with the game OR is it a PC related issue? If a PC related issue, then go to Start, Control Panel, and see what the Default language is-it is English by default on every PC I have owned.


Also, Are you using the Original DVD or a No-DVD crack? Do you have mods?


Also, Please post the REQUIRED information from the Pinned Troubleshooting topic as posted by Justin(a moderator) here:

Before you post a topic, please read the pinned bug lists/fixes. It is likely that you're not the first person to encounter a problem, and we may have found a solution already. In addition to these pinned topics, please utilize the forum search engine. adamcs has produced an extremely helpful guide which explains the finer points of successful searching, accessible here.


If all of the above is no help, you'll need to post a new topic. Please provide useful topic titles. "Help" or "problem" give us no insight into the problem - every topic in the Troubleshooting forum will no doubt entail a problem seeking help!


To get the most amount of help for your problem, we need as many details as we can get about your system's specs. Therefore it is highly suggested (read: demanded) that you provide:

• What platform: PC, PS2, or X-Box

• What version number of GTA: SA

• What CPU and its speed

• How much RAM, also what kind (DDR, SDRAM) and speed

• What video card and VRAM and if it is Dedicated or Shared

• Which version of Windows (and any service packs)

• Which DirectX version and driver version

• What sound card and driver version

• History: Is this your first install? Did it work once before? Anything that is relevant.

• Screenshots, if applicable. This is especially necessary with display issues which can be explained far easier by use of visual aids.

• Above all else, a detailed description of your problem. Give as much information as possible! Keep it relevant, though. We don't need a fifty-page printout from some diagnosis program. Usually the above prompts will suffice.


If you don't know the more detailed specs of your system, and the system control panel is of little help for most of these, download and use Everest Free Edition 2.20 or Fresh Diagnose. Be sure to extract only the relevant information from these programs - again, lengthy printouts are meaningless and tedious to rifle through.


Do not ask questions relating to modding in any way or form - we have an entire editing subforum to house any such inquiries.


Sorry, I'm just getting tired of seeing people ask questions and everyone else trying to help have to turn around and ask that person questions that should have been already included with the original question. Please note that this is simply a copy and paste job from the VC topic originally posted by Wolf and continually updated by Spuds and myself. The topic has proven very successful in the VC forums, and I daresay it's damn necessary here.


But, just curious, what's wrong with English-it is the universal language that pretty much all countries use? confused.gif

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i tryed relog and now its work sry for the waste of time confused.gif


The problem has been solved, guys.




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