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No one Lives Forever 2 Minor issue


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Hi friends,... have just installed NOLF 2 and it is perfectly running except a message that always pops up as soon I start to play, namely, "..the game failed to initialize T&L graphic or recognise Direct x 8.1 ...".


Now, I am sure about actual problem which is the absence of T&L support on my onboard graphics accelerator, BUT surprisingly I am still able to play the game very smoothly although with minimum settings and yet the game has not crashed even once.


Now it sounds weird to complain about nothing, but my concern is regarding the processor affected with more pressure to run the game graphics w/o the absence of T&L by consuming more RAM to sustain the requirements.


Also, another reason was in many other forums people have posted not even able to initialize Game.exe to play and render, which is not the case with me. sigh.gif


So, should I continue playing without T&L?? Will it affect my Motherboard in any negative manner?? Yet no problems except the dialog that pops out which is not a problem, since it allows me to play though!



System Specs:


1 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 500 GB Hard drive with Onboard Intel graphics accelerator. which is above recommended by Publishers except T&L

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It shouldn't cause any risk, NOLF2 is a pretty dated game so I can't see it doing damage to a modern system. I recall that when this game came out I had a pretty crap system and I reckon I also faced a similar issue with T&L(Transform & Lighting) yet I remember playing the game without a problem. I wouldn't worry really.

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