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[REL/WIP|IV] Liberty F1 2010 Mod


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user posted image

(3D models are from the game F1 2010 by Codemaster)


Download link (v0.90beta):

Look at the end of the post for the link.


The Mod:


NEWS March 29 2011: NEXT VERSION

Next mod version will have all season 2011 cars as well as a sound mod.


NEWS March 21 2011: MOD START

Before continueing the creation of this mod i would like to release this as a beta version,

to get some feedback, even though it has some glitches.

Im not the most experienced modder so Im glad about any help to make this mod as good as possible



- all 12 teams with 2 repaintings of numbers and names per team

- installed head and indicator lights

- spec maps for all cars

- 3 handlings with different acceleration (e.g. Ferrari is faster than Lotus)

- lots of other stuff


Known problems:

- legs can be seen through the car at some cars (no known solution)

- numbers and names reflect different then the rest (no known solution yet, maybe ENB settings)

- some cars are bouncing at high speed (thats because of the high speed and because i suck at creating handling files,

solution: someone else does the handlings, please)


Subscribe to my Youtube channel to be informed about updates.



Presentation Video:




F1 2011 preview/gameplay:




if you find any errors or glitches or if you maybe know a solution to any unfixed problem please tell me in this thread or via pm.


hope you enjoy it smile.gif


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*looks for a name*


I don't see you mentioning smokey8808's name as the car's creator. No credits, no mods. You should edit it. Also if you modified my handling you should give me credits as well.

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Well, thats not right.


I did use the models of Codemaster's game F1 2010

i did not use any handling file or model created by any other modder, all files have been created by myself.

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Mod will be removed, 'cos you converted a models from other game. I converted Renault F1 car, but I hadn't released it here.

Proof (I don't create new topic for that)

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things im planning to add in the future:

- F1 engine sound (done)

- F1 driving suits / helmets

- a blinking rear light


please tell me whatelse you would like to add smile.gif

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Now that the mod has the official permission I want to post a little video of the next mod version smile.gif


Added Features so far:

- All season 2011 cars

- Engine sound mod (not in the vid)


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