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Help: How to make a car skin?


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So, I've been playing GTA since I was little (Misspent youth for the win), and I've noticed that San Andreas, has a ton of cars, but in my opinion doesn't have enough police vehicles. I wanted to change that by adding a skin to a normal car, say the Mule or Bobcat for example. If you were to mod or respray the trucks to a certain color, the LSPD insignia or something would appear, but only for that color, so that not every color of that vehicle would have the insignia.


Is this possible, and if so, what programs do I need or how can I complete this task?


Thanks everyone.

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Your question, signified by the question mark (or ?) is not written using acceptable convention, 'How to...' is a direction or an instruction, please, in future use 'How do I...' or 'How can I...'

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try to search for "GTASA vehicle skin TEMPLATE"


PS: i can say that for a PJ you might have to get :PhotoShop CS4/MS Paint ..

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