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The Simple Trainer for GTA IV makes the game 100x better. One of its best features is the ability to spawn a lot of different kinds of objects. I use it to wreak havoc on the in-game traffic, especially on one of the highways in Liberty City where they drive fast. When you place an object, the AI is completely unaware of it, leading to some very amusing results. For example...


Place a ramp on a road and watch as traffic goes up it and lands. Certain ramps can cause a pileup as some idiot lands the wrong way, killing him or ejecting him out of the car, then traffic uncontrollably crashes into one another! Fun fun fun!


Or you can simply place a something like a shipping crate and watch them fools crash into it! 95 percent of the time, it either ejects or kills the driver! Hell yeah!


Or you can place a few explosive gas tanks in the way and... BOOM! Mwahahahahaha!


Turn the boring, congested streets of Liberty City into a funfair of cars jumping and crashing with the Simple Trainer's object spawning feature! GTA IV has never been more fun!

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