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Hello everybody!

So I need your help please confused.gif


user posted image


I want to install "PROJECT FANTASIA" by ZAZ... But i'm not understanding what I'm supposed to do confused.gif

I want to install the "SA Overdose Effects" (by Function-X-) version of this mod...


I want to install everything! The fireworks, the explosions, the thunders, etc... Everything that I can!


So if anyone could paste here the steps I should do to install it I would be very appreciate!



1. Download this and that;

2. Do this and that;

3. Etc...


Please help me smile.gif because I don't understand some english things, and it's dificult to me to understand the "Read Me" and etc!

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Installin Ovedose Effects v1.4

Download Overdose Effects v1.4 from here

Extract it and copy files from folder models to your Gta SA models files do that same with data folder

You have Installed Overdose Effects v1.4


Installing Project Fantasia

First of all you need cleo if you don't have you can download it from here

Install cleo extract Project Fantasia and copy only files from folder cleo to your cleo folder if you don't have cleo folder create it

You have Installed Project Fantasia

Hope you understand and Good Luck!

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