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gta san andreas 2006 copland learning to fly


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I am playing gta san andreas and came upto the level learning to fly take off but ater the take off there are no coronas so i landed but the results are

Time : 0s

damage penalty : 0%

total score : 0%

But after i saw some videos regarding the mission i saw there are coronas to go through in with the plane but in my game there are no coronas so how to pass the mission please help.

My game is gta san andreas 2006 copland.


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Modifications to the game affect gameplay.

This Forum does Not Support Modified Games.


Remove all mods and play the game. If the game plays correctly you don't have a problem.

Install mods one at a time playing the game after each individual install until it fails. Then don't use that mod Or go to the Modding Forums for help.


And of course you are playing the game with the Originial DVD in the Drive...



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