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I seem to be in some limbo here. I'm finished w/ "Stowaway" and now when I go to complete more missions It says to come back between 20:00 and 06:00. Can someone bring me up to speed? Let me know where I should save my game at. Thanx!!! suicidal.gif

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Sure after stowaway you have two more (must do) missions at Verdant Meadows.

Each time you save the Clock advances 6 hours. Or monocle.gif do some exploring.

See if you can find the AK47, mini-SMG, Knife, Shotgun, 2 Body Armours, and HEAT missile launcher that are waiting between The Airdrome and El Quadabra Police Station.

Meet Barbara and not lose weapons when 'Busted'. Buy the Safe House there. sly.gif

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