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Why is TLAD EFLC incompatible with DLC TLAD?

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Xbox 360 version?


TLAD was released February 2009, and had an altered Map to include the updates from TLAD.


EFLC was released October 2009, and both games used TBOGT as that was the more complete map (included both TLAD and TBOGT updates).


Because the maps are different, it made the older DLC incompatible with EFLC Disc owners.



edit: Incompatible, NOT Incomparable, damn Spell Check.

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This goes beyond the Xbox 360's patching limits. The only way to fix this would be to re-release TLAD on Xbox Live with TBOGT map and have people re-download it again.

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  • 2 weeks later...
How different are the maps? I didn't notice any real differences between TBoGT and TLADs map..

Only a few areas are different. One is the roof of Rotterdam Tower (Empire State Building). But free-roam multiplayer needs all areas to be the same.

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In Red Dead Redemption I knoticed version numbers next to the DLC names in the main menu when you press "Y" to look at the downloadable content. Maybe if you download TLAD now it may be compatible with EFLC TLAD. The PC version both EFLC and DLC had the old TLAD map, and the PS3 version both EFLC and DLC have the TBOGT map. So maybe they updated the XBOX version.

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Wow,the maps actually look different?

R* should have thought this through.

They know, they just haven't gone back and updated the first version of TLAD that came out before TBoGT.


It's either Rockstar not wanting to go back and spend time on this or Microsoft making it too difficult with their Marketplace policies. The file size is probably over the limit for automatic updates and there could be technical reasons why the idea of replacing the version on the server and then users deleting their old download and getting the new download for free wouldn't work. I don't think Marketplace is designed for this situation and they can't figure out a practical solution.

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