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About To Report Sexual Discrimination

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So the deal:


I have been working for a major retail chain as an associate for nearly a year and the job up until a about 2 months ago was very consistent and even fun. However, our previous General Manager threw in the towel and we now have a female G.M.


Up until 2 months ago, my record at the store was very clean with only one infraction for not calling myself to say I was not coming in due to sickness (I had my mom call for me since I was puking rather excessively). At my 6 month review, I received very respectable remarks for customer service and work performance.


This female G.M takes over early February, and the store in now up in arms and receiving terrible C.L.I scores (C.L.I stands for customer loyalty index) and I contend that all of these problems are due to the poor and ineffective leadership and managerial skills of this female G.M.


The complaint I have and the one most of my male counterparts have is the erratic changes to our scheduling that occur week in and week out. My heaviest complaint often comes from the fact that the schedule is supposed to be posted on Fridays and it never is since she took the position. An example of what has occurred is I was scheduled to work on Sunday for the first time since being employed but was unaware of this because the schedule was not posted. I was woken up by the G.M telling me I was supposed to be in an hour ago. I came in to work and she served me with the papers for the infraction. I told her that I had not even known I was supposed to work that day because the schedule was not posted and she disregarded me saying that that's not a valid reason to show up an hour late.


On this recent Daylight Savings Time, I was unaware that the clocks were to change and the battery in my car just so happened to die. I called in to notify the GM of this problem at what I thought was 9 AM, only to be chastised by her telling me that I was supposed to be in an hour ago because it was actually 10 AM. And also that I was "lucky" I had not called in 5 minutes later, otherwise I would have been terminated.


Today, I came in to work at 8 AM only to be told that I was supposed to be in at 7AM. I was unaware of this because no schedule was posted. According to her, I should have looked at it on Monday which was the last day I worked. I contend that because of the lack of a posted schedule, I may have not even been scheduled to work on that Monday and had come in for no reason. Or have missed/come in on any other day for that matter.


As for my fellow male employees, they face the burden of of having to pay for many more bills, rent, and other items than I have too, and this G.M is giving them work weeks that change from 16 hours to 35 hours from week to week. I contend the huge decline in the store's C.L.I score (We went from hovering between 80-90 out of a 100 under the last G.M to a new low of 58 on Monday under this G.M) is directly caused by the stress of having to adapt to the scheduling and undesirable working conditions her decisions make. Worst yet for some of these guys, they may work first shift one Monday and work third shift the next Monday. There is no consistency and I can only imagine how hard it is for them to manage their out of work lives like this.


The worst part of it all seems to be that these erratic changes only seem to be happening to us males.


So now because of today, I am facing termination. I have been reading through the code of ethics reading my states laws. This is a pretty heavy thing to drop on the company. Investigations, money, big wigs. Even for me, if I'm still employed after this, my employment will be under heavy scrutiny.


Should I follow through? Any advice? Any of you have experience in discrimination cases?




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Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY to go over her head instead of bringing it up against the whole company? Do you have an HR department who can look into this for you? I wouldn't bring up Sexual Discrimination against the whole company for one GM. Try to talk to Human Resources or at least her superior (my relative works in HR at an international company so I have a tiny idea of what I'm talking about).

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Damn, sorry for your loss.

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To me she sounds like she's up her own f*cking ass and has no idea what she's doing (or is just too ignorant to care).


So are things for the female employees little changed from the previous person?

If so I'd go through with it, for the sake of justice.

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From what I understand she's a bitch, but have you tried talking to her about it? If not just give it a shot, I know it's unlikely but you have nothing to lose doing that. Secondly why not just go to the guy right above her after you talk to her? Bring you're complaints to him. If then nothing get's done I wouldn't go to a discrimination suit because it will be so hard to get employment afterward even if you win.

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I think bringing up a sexual discrimination suit might be a bit heavy handed, especially since the onus will likely be on you to prove the discrimination, not for her to have to defend herself against the charge. The other part is proving it, which is actually not an easy task. Lastly, if you do bring up a claim against her for sexual discrimination and you have no solid evidence to back it up and the claim gets thrown out on those very grounds, you will likely get fired and that would be grounds for your GM to bring charges against you defamation of character (or something similar).


If I were you, I would talk to her boss and have a chat with him/her and see if you can resolve this before dropping a huge bomb.

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I would fire your complaint (not the sexual discrimination bit) up the ladder. She sounds incompetent. You have valid complaints. Ask for your "record" to be cleaned and that she be written up for not posting the schedule on time.


And look for another job in the meanwhile.

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