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hi why can't i do anything with the elegy? dontgetit.gif

i want to modify in the mod garage it but i can't! cry.gif

if someone knows please let me know! biggrin.gif

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The Elegy requires the Wheel Arch Angels tuning shop (not TransFender) but it doesn't open up until you buy Wang Cars (and maybe do the missions that follow after buying it?). Fortunately it's not a big task, as the car showroom is cheap and the missions are fairly simple.


And if you can't buy Wang Cars, then do the driving school and it'll unlock.


E: Sheesh, I forgot the directions for those places. Ah well, at least they're in the post below.

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Midway through the game you will be able to purchase a car dealership* in San Fierro [more specifically - Doherty]. Once those missions are completed you will have access to a special car modding garage for high performance vehicles. It's located on the west side of SF in Ocean Flats


*Car dealership - not the Garage.

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Just for reference:

Arch Garage, where is it ?

To unlock Wheels Arch Angels: Complete Driving School in San Fierro and then complete a San Fierro Mission "Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom". CJ gets a phone call from Jethro. CJ must purchase Wang Motors and complete the first asset mission to unlock Wheels Arch Angels





In-Game, Car Modding Shops:


Wheel Arch Angels.

Only the following cars can be modded there:








Loco Low Co,only lowriders: can be modded there.










The Transfender supports a variety of cars. It is unlocked along with Loco Low Co when you complete the mission 'Cesar Vialpando'.

Click HERE



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Air Raid is nice only in that the Attacking Planes always come from the same directions in the same path every time.

Take note of the patterns on the Radar as they approach.

Try to knock them down as far away as possible.

Don't shoot as you move the Aim Point. (Vibrations make it difficult to aim in motion.)

Aim so that the Plane will enter your aim point dot.


Start with plane in front of CJ, Then the ones coming from the left. Next on the left, and then turn around to get the one approaching from CJ's rear. Etc.

Learn the Pattern of approach of each wave.

Let them Fly into the Aiming Dot. This is called Leading.

Don't chase after a Target. Always lead.

Be aware of the approaching Planes by watching the Radar.

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