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Hey Guys Casino Here!!!


so I start up my GTA IV and it loads up my last saved point (or if it was the 28th April 2008 would be a cut scence to Niko banging on a door trying to get the attention of a guy getting whipped in some sexual act!


i then have to press up on the D-pad


select multiplayer


select Randed Match


then which ever mode i desire








hmmmm COME ON i think R* can do much better than this


First of all the team arrangement is atrocious!!! R* are you really gonna give the power so that a NOOB or idiot loud mouth ignorant 12 year can jump on my team at the last possible settings and ruin the game for me


im sure EVERYONE can relate to me on this!


so i appreciate that R* wanted to make the game as immersive as possible and give the gamer a sense being thrown into a city straight away without any title screens.....i like the idea........but when it comes to multiplayer something different has to be done


So i was thinking when we load up our GTA V game in 21?? it would be good if the player could


- access multiplayer by going to his phone, pager, smartfone, portable laptop anywhere in the city if is in Free Mode or single player


- choose to start up multiplayer


- then be transported back to a safehouse or a secluded area in the city where players will meet and wait for the game will start


- so these places can be in an Arcade, Pool Hall, Basketball Court, Mini Golf Court anywhere that players can spend a few seconds or miniutes doing activities while they are waiting for the game to start!!!


- then when the game is about to start and the teams are selected equally and fairly THEN a count timer will start and the players will be introduced into the game


- this can be the same for people that want to join a lobby together. Friends can come to together in a pre lobby area (which will include the same fun activity areas as above) in which they can invite each other to join and then when everyone has join and the invites are sent out and accepted THEN they will all be taken together to the a public lobby, enjoy the activities and then the game will start as mormal


- if there is a group team of 4 for example they can join the public lobby and the game can start when another team of 4 can joins or if 2 teams of 2 joins they will be put together to make a team of 4 and go against another team or if 4 individual people join........you get the drift


- also if you didnt have friends to play with then you could join individual if you wish and be put on the required team that needed to make up the numbers


So thats my idea, please feel free to comment



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