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How to lose muscle ?


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First you'll have to get rid of all your fat before you start losing muscle. Visit the gym and start using the treadmill. Activities like running and swimming will also cause you to lose muscle but it takes a long time.


Additionally, make sure you don't feed CJ for 48 in-game hours, after which he will start losing fat. Once all the fat's burned away, after an additional 26 hours, CJ will start losing muscle.

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The Gym bicycle is good for quick fat removal too. It also builds Stamina (3 units of fat to 1 unit of Stamina.) Another way to make money while lossing fat/muscle is to do Taxi, Firefighting (makes CJ fireproof), and Paramedic (increases Health bar.)

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As soon as the message stating that CJ needs to eat something, after the 48+24 hours girishb mentioned, fat consumption rate, and subsequently muscle consumption rate increase quickly. But be careful. I noted that you may lose health if you stay too long in that state. I found myself dying once before I "burned" all of my muscle, before.

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